14 Cool homemade christmas ornaments DIY projects

These creative ideas for handmade ornaments will give your family a lifetime of memories to look back when it's time to decorate the Christmas tree.

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  1. Glass Gem Christmas Ornaments

    Glass Gem Christmas Ornaments

    Here is an easy glass gem Christmas ornament craft that you can do with your kids. They are so pretty and almost look like an...

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  2. Recycled Holiday Card Ornaments

    Recycled Holiday Card Ornaments

    I love homemade Christmas ornaments, especially those with family photos in them. These are so simple and easy for my children to make for extended...

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  3. Christmas Pinecone Ornaments

    Christmas Pinecone Ornaments

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  4. Christmas Photo Ornament

    Christmas Photo Ornament

    Make a fun and sentimental ornament with your little one. Make a craft with his/her picture in it!

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  5. Salt Dough Footprint Ornament

    Salt Dough Footprint Ornament

    This is a darling handmade ornament that your child will love making and would make a perfect gift for Grandma and Grandpa!

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  6. Newspaper Ornaments

    Newspaper Ornaments

    Our four-year-old son has entered the dinosaur phase--he loves them! So much so that he wanted to decorate the Christmas tree with dinosaur ornaments. ...

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  7. Walnut Ornaments for Christmas

    Walnut Ornaments for Christmas

    These walnut ornaments are so cute looking and something completely different than most ornaments. They come from the heart and from the creativity of little...

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  8. Crafty Christmas Elf

    Crafty Christmas Elf

    My parents still have the Christmas crafts I made when I was a kid...and now that I'm a mom, I proudly carry on that tradition!...

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  9.  Clothespin Christmas Soldiers

    Clothespin Christmas Soldiers

    Soldier ornaments, and not just from the Nutcracker, are popular for Christmas. While the Queen's Guard of Buckingham Palace in England may not be as...

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  10. Coffee Sleeve Ornament

    Coffee Sleeve Ornament

    Being creative involves looking at things differently. We are trying to help our children see possibilities were most people only see trash. We love crafts...

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  11. Clothespin Christmas Doll

    Clothespin Christmas Doll

    A Christmas ballerina is what my sweet five-year old wanted to create. I don't blame her--ballerinas and Christmas are both spectacular! We pulled out a...

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  12. Clay Ornaments

    Clay Ornaments

    No matter the time of year, my 4-year-old son is always ready for Santa action. He gets so excited to bake, decorate, wrap presents...anything to...

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  13. Button Ornament

    Button Ornament

    This was meant to be a post about how to produce beautiful, unique holiday decorations with your children. They would adorn our dining room...

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