10 Cool ice cream DIY projects

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  1. Ice Cream in a Bag

    Ice Cream in a Bag

    Making your own ice cream in a bag is definitely a great activity to include on your list of What To Do With The Kids!...

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  2. Cloud Dough Ice Cream Shop

    Cloud Dough Ice Cream Shop

    Have you tried playing with cloud dough yet? It is totally awesome! It's so simple to make a cloud dough ice cream shop and it's...

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  3. Fruit Ice Cream

    Fruit Ice Cream

    Make your own delicious, fruity ice cream with this easy to follow recipe.

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  4. Crispy Ice Cream Balls

    Crispy Ice Cream Balls

    Your kids will love to make this delicious dessert for the family!

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  5. Ice Cream Sandwich Party Bites

    Ice Cream Sandwich Party Bites

    This was a fun little treat for the kids to make themselves. It came out so festive and pretty!

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  6. Melted Ice Cream Cone

    Melted Ice Cream Cone

    We love playing harmless little jokes on our friends and family, especially on days like April Fool’s. This DIY melting ice cream  prank...

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  7. Banana Ice Cream

    Banana Ice Cream

    Truth be told, this is really ONE INGREDIENT ice cream, so I'm cheating a bit to sneak it on a Two Ingredient Tuesday. But it...

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  8. Carving Pumpkin Hacks

    Carving Pumpkin Hacks

    Carving jack-o-lanterns is one of my favorite parts of getting ready for Halloween! This year, I decided to try...

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  9. Shaving Cream

    Shaving Cream "Snow" Paint

    I whipped up this simple, homemade puffy paint and told the kids we were going to make our own creations with "snow."

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  10. Homemade Butter

    Homemade Butter

    Nothing tastes better than homemade butter! Enjoy this super quick and easy way to make butter at home without the mess!

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