12 Cool ice or snow DIY projects

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  1. Colored Ice in the Snow

    Colored Ice in the Snow

    Want to add color and interest to your every day winter play? Freeze a few trays of colored ice cubes for your children to play...

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  2. Ice Towers

    Ice Towers

    Here's some winter fun that can be made entirely by the kids... building + painting = creativity--and lots of fun!

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  3. Patriotic Ice Pops

    Patriotic Ice Pops

    Nothing quite cools during hot summer days and celebrating the 4th of July with a colorful, patriotic ice pop! This craft recipe is also a...

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  4. Indoor Snow Play

    Indoor Snow Play

    Bring the snow inside. Build a road for cars, make snow soup, create a miniature snowman and so much more. A great activity for when...

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  5. Shaving Cream

    Shaving Cream "Snow" Paint

    I whipped up this simple, homemade puffy paint and told the kids we were going to make our own creations with "snow."

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  6. Sticky Ice

    Sticky Ice

    Is it possible to remove ice from a bowl without getting your hands wet? You can if you know the science behind it.....

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  7. Making Rain

    Making Rain

    What does it take for rain to fall? Is it possible that we can create the conditions for rain ourselves? Let's find out!

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  8. DIY Snowflake

    DIY Snowflake

    "Let's make snowflakes!" is pretty much all it will take to have your child come running to create this fun seasonal craft. Enjoy!

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  9. Snowman Milk Bottle

    Snowman Milk Bottle

    I have been saving glass milk bottles because they are just so darling I knew they would be perfect for some craft one day. Sometimes...

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  10. Cotton Snowman

    Cotton Snowman

    Since my daughter Addie can't wait to play in the snow and we're a little short on the white stuff here in the Caribbean, we thought we'd...

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  11. Doily Snowflake Painting

    Doily Snowflake Painting

    Finding crafts that both my two- and five-year-old can enjoy together can sometimes be challenging, so when I find one we seem to do it...

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  12. Snowman Wax Resist Painting

    Snowman Wax Resist Painting

    This sweet snowman is made with few other things besides winter and childhood magic.

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