23 Cool indoor games DIY projects

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  1. Numbered Balloon Hide and Go Seek

    Numbered Balloon Hide and Go Seek

    Looking for a way to beat the heat or have fun indoors? This balloon game is a colorful solution. Ages two to ten will all...

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  2. Pom Pom Hockey

    Pom Pom Hockey

    Hockey has always been a big part of our lives. I wanted a fun way to bring the love of the game indoors. Try this...

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  3. Marble Run Fun!

    Marble Run Fun!

    This is a great craft for kids to create and problem-solve as they lay out their marble tracks, test them and make adjustments. Colored masking...

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  4. Bulls-Eye Bowling

    Bulls-Eye Bowling

    We had some rainy days lately and discovered that masking tape is great for indoor games! Try this no-mess indoor one.

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  5. Olympic Ring Flag Stamp

    Olympic Ring Flag Stamp

    Talk to your little ones about what the Olympics represent, why it's important to represent all regions on the world while they are making this...

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  6. Masking Tape Tic Tac Toe

    Masking Tape Tic Tac Toe

    We love playing classic games at our house. Try this one. It's great for a rainy day!

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  7. Make a Time Capsule

    Make a Time Capsule

    Fill a date-marked glass or plastic container with items like  photos, sea shells, a bag of sand from a memorable vacation, locks of hair from...

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  8. Roling Pin Races

    Roling Pin Races

    My son loves playing with kitchen utensils and cookware. The other day, he grabbed a large rolling pin. and proceeded to roll it on...

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  9. Olympic Torch Craft

    Olympic Torch Craft

    Teach your kids about the origins of the Olympics and the modern Olympic Games we have today! They'll be learning while they are having fun...

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  10. Hidden Snowball Game

    Hidden Snowball Game

    You and your toddler will have a blast playing this homemade Hidden Snowball Game together!

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  11. Poster Board Puzzles

    Poster Board Puzzles

    Make an easy or really hard puzzle from a piece of poster board. Whether you hide the pieces or have a race, your kids are...

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  12. Paper Plate Paddle Ball

    Paper Plate Paddle Ball

    This game takes seconds to put together and creates so much laughter. My kids enjoyed this game for days! It's a definite keeper for rainy...

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  13. Golf Race Game

    Golf Race Game

    Who's ready for a race? Race to the hole with this Golf Race Game. Practice counting and taking turns along the way!

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  14. Ping Pong Bounce Game

    Ping Pong Bounce Game

    Challenge friends or family members to a great game of Ping Pong Bounce!

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  15. Homemade Tapatan

    Homemade Tapatan

    We love playing endless games of tic-tac-toe so I decided to mix it up a bit and try making and playing the game of Tapatan!

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