56 Cool jewelry DIY projects

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  1. Make Bracelets from Recycled T-shirts

    Make Bracelets from Recycled T-shirts

    These recycled bracelets are the perfect craft for a teenager or pre-teen! They make heart-felt gifts as well as a fashion statement!

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  2. Bead Rings

    Bead Rings

    Ready to make some pretty jewelry with your kids? Here's a great craft that will add some "bling" to your little ones wardrobe (and yours...

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  3. Easy Button Jewelry

    Easy Button Jewelry

    Your children can spend hours making different types of jewelry out of buttons. Bracelets, necklaces, even headbands can all be made while they work on...

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  4. Earth Day Necklace

    Earth Day Necklace

    Celebrate Earth Day with this fun and easy craft that your kids will have a ball (no pun intended) making. These necklaces make great gifts...

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  5. Paper Straw Necklace

    Paper Straw Necklace

    This is super easy to make a fun accessory and no beads needed!

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  6. Tiny Bead Confetti Bracelet

    Tiny Bead Confetti Bracelet

    I never thought to use these little beads as bracelets until my daughter started threading them onto string. So perfect!

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  7. Safety Pin Charms

    Safety Pin Charms

    I remember making safety pin charms as a child so making them with my daughter was very special. They are simple and come out so...

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  8. Foam Sticker Charm Necklace

    Foam Sticker Charm Necklace

    A charm necklace is always a welcome craft for my daughter. This one was so simple and easy to personalize for each child.

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  9. Button Rings

    Button Rings

    Who needs costume jewelry? We made the most beautiful rings with just pipe cleaner and buttons! My daughter felt so fancy she had to put...

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  10. Duct Tape Bracelets

    Duct Tape Bracelets

    These pretty and sparkly bracelets are so easy to make and so fun to wear. This is a great craft to do with just one...

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  11. Fireworks Bracelet

    Fireworks Bracelet

    Celebrate summer or the Fourth of July in a creative way--by making a fireworks bracelet for you and a friend.

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  12. Name Necklace

    Name Necklace

    As soon as my daughter could write her name she wanted it on everything she owned. So, crafts that she can personalize with her name...

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  13. Clover Leaf Lei

    Clover Leaf Lei

    Accessorize your St. Patrick's Day outfit with a handmade clover leaf lei! It's a simple and fun way to make sure you're pinch proof this...

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  14. Clay Bead Bracelet

    Clay Bead Bracelet

    Create a one-of-a-kind bracelet using clay, buttons, pipe cleaners and paint. There's no limit to the type of clay beads you can design.

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  15. Spring Flower Lei

    Spring Flower Lei

    Spring is just around the corner and my kids and I enjoyed this fun and simple craft to get ready for the season!

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