27 Cool juice DIY projects

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  1. Luv Bug Smoothie

    Luv Bug Smoothie

    A refreshing, fun, healthy treat that your child will love to drink. Gulp! Mmmmm.

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  2. Juice Box Pirate Ship

    Juice Box Pirate Ship

    Make your own waterproof pirate ship out of a juice box (or milk box)!

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  3. Cranberry Party Juice

    Cranberry Party Juice

    When I was little, it was always a treat to have sparkling juice at Thanksgiving. I thought I was like being a grown-up! I wanted...

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  4. Color Changing Lemonade

    Color Changing Lemonade

    Make chemistry you can taste with this refreshing color changing drink!

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  5. Pomegranate Lime Bubbly

    Pomegranate Lime Bubbly

    A lip-smacking, refreshing, bright beverage! It comes out tasting like old fashioned home-made soda and is yum! Bottoms up!

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  6. Hot Mulled Apple Cider

    Hot Mulled Apple Cider

    Nothing says fall like a warm cup of mulled cider. The scent alone puts everyone in a good mood and the taste is divine.

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  7. Turn Milk into Cheese!

    Turn Milk into Cheese!

    You may remember hearing about curds and whey...

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  8. Sparkly Pom-Cranberries

    Sparkly Pom-Cranberries

    Sugared cranberries. Mmmmm. The promise of a burst of tart cranberry surrounded by a sweet sugary coating is hard to pass up. They're pretty low...

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  9. Healthy Ranch Dressing

    Healthy Ranch Dressing

    Ever wonder how on earth to get kids to eat vegetables? Make a healthy ranch dressing dip! It's a simple, nutritious recipe you can make...

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  10. Spinach Strawberry Salad

    Spinach Strawberry Salad

    If you love fruit here is the perfect recipe for you and your family! Create a beautiful, fresh salad that is easy, healthy, and most...

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  11. Make a Chinese Dragon Puppet

    Make a Chinese Dragon Puppet

    This is a wonderful craft to teach your kids about traditions and celebrations for Chinese New Years. They will have fun creating these puppets while...

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  12. Magic Potions

    Magic Potions

    Brew up some magical color-changing, flavor-changing potions!

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  13. Make Your Own Party Glass

    Make Your Own Party Glass

    My two-year old created this fun jar cup! It's so easy and festive. This is a simple way to have a fun fancy glass for...

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  14. Homemade Fruit Snacks

    Homemade Fruit Snacks

    We love fruit snacks in this house so today we tried our hand at making our own!

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  15. Cranberry Chemistry

    Cranberry Chemistry

    What do cranberries and chameleons have in common? They can both change color! Cranberries contain chemicals called anthocyanins, which change color depending...

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