10 Cool kool aid DIY projects

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  1. Magic Potions

    Magic Potions

    Brew up some magical color-changing, flavor-changing potions!

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  2. Kool-Aid Watercolors

    Kool-Aid Watercolors

    What kid wouldn't love to paint with yummy-smelling watercolors? These paints are made in seconds and make some very vibrant paintings that smell great!

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  3. Homemade Valentine's Day Playdough

    Homemade Valentine's Day Playdough

    Have fun this Valentine's day creating playdough hearts with this colorful play dough. One of our favorite recipes.

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  4. Color Changing Juice

    Color Changing Juice

    In our house, anything with a color-changing effect is a huge hit. As a summer treat, we...

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  5. Cloud Dough

    Cloud Dough

    This recipe for cloud dough is a treat to squish around and smells so good!

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  6. Spring Sensory Bin

    Spring Sensory Bin

    Using your Kool-Aid dyed rice, create a fun and interactive spring sensory bin. Sensory bins are great for children to develop their...

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  7. Easy Kool-Aid Painting

    Easy Kool-Aid Painting

    Here's an edible painting medium to try: for some scratch n sniff painting fun, just mix a high concentration of KoolAid with a little water...

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  8. Kool-Aid Dyed Pasta

    Kool-Aid Dyed Pasta

    So, what does one use Kool-Aid dyed pasta for? Well, this is an easy way to add a cool material to use for kids...

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  9. Play Dough Cupcake Shop

    Play Dough Cupcake Shop

    Play dough inspires so much great imaginative play in our house. We make it often and play with it often. By just switching out a...

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  10. Kool-Aid Dyed Rice

    Kool-Aid Dyed Rice

    Like the Kool-Aid dyed pasta, Kool-Aid dyed rice makes an awesome addition to sensory bins. Here's how you can dye dried rice in a...

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