46 Cool leaves DIY projects

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  1. Fall Leaf Finger Puppets

    Fall Leaf Finger Puppets

    When fall arrives, get the kids together and head outside to collect some of those colorful falling leaves to make these finger fun puppets!

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  2. Sensory Lab

    Sensory Lab

    My son has always had an interest for the kitchen. Whether I'm cooking dinner or baking cookies, you can be sure that...

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  3. Autumn Leaf Necklace

    Autumn Leaf Necklace

    This exciting activity will have your youngster wearing fall fashionably. This necklace is very durable--a rousing session of hula hooping broke out immediately after!...

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  4. DIY

    DIY "Glitter": Fall Leaves Collage

    Fall is a great time to incorporate nature into your craft projects. My kids love hunting for materials outside in the leaves and acorns...

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  5. Laminated Fall Leaves

    Laminated Fall Leaves

    Laminated leaf cutouts. It's fun to collect fall leaves that are changing color. We are inspired by the beauty of nature in fall and want...

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  6. Nature Faces

    Nature Faces

    There's something about looking for treasures that turns an ordinary walk around the neighborhood into something exciting and magical. Especially when you turn your treasures...

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  7. Toilet Paper Pumpkins

    Toilet Paper Pumpkins

    Why not throw together some toilet paper pumpkins with your child? They are super cute and ridiculously easy to make plus they require absolutely...

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  8. Paint Filled Jar Fall Vases

    Paint Filled Jar Fall Vases

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  9. Homemade Pesto Dip

    Homemade Pesto Dip

    Pesto is really easy to make at home. And to make things even quicker and healthier for your child, here is a recipe for healthy...

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  10. Flower Making with Corks

    Flower Making with Corks

    Use old corks to dip into paint to create beautiful flowers with real leaves!

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  11. Autumn Leaf Art

    Autumn Leaf Art

    As winter approaches and the leaves fall to the ground and surround us everywhere, my son and I are inspired to gather a new material to create...

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  12. Leaf Butterfly

    Leaf Butterfly

    One of my favorite things about fall is the changing leaves. There is nothing more beautiful. This is a simple art project that you can...

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  13. Nature Butterfly Collage

    Nature Butterfly Collage

    Let nature inspire you to make this beautiful butterfly craft!

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  14. Coffee Filter Leaves

    Coffee Filter Leaves

    Coffee filters are a wonderful craft material you can find in the kitchen! My own love to paint them with watercolors--they create a beautiful stained-glass...

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  15. Clay Stamping

    Clay Stamping

    You can press clay on just about anything to create a unique, one-of-a-kind stamp. Small, flat objects like leaves or flowers are especially beautiful!

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