16 Cool letters DIY projects

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  1.  Back to School Pencil Holders

    Back to School Pencil Holders

    As kids head back to school their creativity will come alive, and bright colors are a fabulous stimulant. This craft is so easy to do...

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  2. Homemade Lantern Decoration

    Homemade Lantern Decoration

    Have fun decorating paper lanterns for with all sorts of creative processes and to suit your chosen color scheme, whether it be for Christmas, a...

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  3. Robot Alphabet Cruncher

    Robot Alphabet Cruncher

    Learn letters and letter sounds while you feed the robot to keep him happy.

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  4. Letter Pasta Art

    Letter Pasta Art

    As my five-year-old is learning to read, I am always looking for interesting ways to incorporate letters into her crafts and play. This one was...

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  5. Fishing for Letters

    Fishing for Letters

    We are having so much fun playing and learning with letters! Today we fished for letters and letter sounds.

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  6. Grocery Store Alphabet Book

    Grocery Store Alphabet Book

    Explore letter sounds every week with your child using your local grocery store ad.

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  7. Alphabet Train

    Alphabet Train

    Looking for some way to keep your kiddos happy while you get dinner ready? After a particularly rousing episode of Blue's Clues, O wanted to...

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  8. Giant Alphabet Mat

    Giant Alphabet Mat

    Create this gigantic alphabet mat for your kids to make learning letters fun!

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  9. Terrific Triangle Art

    Terrific Triangle Art

    Learning about shapes and letters can be a lot of fun, especially when there is an art project involved. So for the letter "T,"...

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  10. Personalized Room Sign

    Personalized Room Sign

    My daughter is at the age where she is starting to take claim of her room. She is enjoying her own space and taking pride...

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  11. Alphabet Ball Game

    Alphabet Ball Game

    I confess: I have a bad habit. I fall in love with early literacy activities on Pinterest, pin them to my boards, add them...

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  12. Alphabet Flower Garden

    Alphabet Flower Garden

    Make a beautiful flower garden while learning letters and letter sounds!

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  13. Find and Seek ABCs and 123s

    Find and Seek ABCs and 123s

    Get to know your ABCs and 123s! Fill Ziploc® brand sandwich bags with rice, letters, and numbers to create a game of Find and Seek....

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  14. ABC Cup Hunt

    ABC Cup Hunt

    I am a HUGE Pinterest fan. I love discovering great ideas from around the world. A few weeks ago, I stumbled across a pin from...

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  15. Acrylic Sunprint T-Shirts

    Acrylic Sunprint T-Shirts

    Make printed

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