16 Cool lights DIY projects

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  1. Mini-Bots


    This is a challenging project, but a great introduction to simple circuits. And how fun is it to make something that actually moves and lights...

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  2. Tin Lanterns

    Tin Lanterns

    I always find these lanterns the children make especially charming in the autumn, though I'm not sure why. It probably has something to do with...

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  3. Glowing Vinegar Ice Cubes & Baking Soda

    Glowing Vinegar Ice Cubes & Baking Soda

    This is a fun and scientific experiment you can do with your head. Watch your kids eyes light up while watching the ice cubes light...

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  4. Let's Build a Flashlight

    Let's Build a Flashlight

    This little boredom buster is quick and easy to set up using just a flashlight from the dollar store! It's perfect for older kids who...

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  5. Glowing Planets

    Glowing Planets

    As a busy parent, I’m trying to make the most of our creating time and have really focused...

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  6. Balloon Decorating

    Balloon Decorating

    This past weekend, I took a trip with my 5-year-old to Party City and bought balloon LED lights to create  a set...

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  7. Global Investigations

    Global Investigations

    My ever-curious daughter asked me, "Why does it look like the sun is following us?" To better understand that, we fetched the globe and...

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  8. Glitter Star Jars

    Glitter Star Jars

    These mason jars filled with glitter and glow-in-the-dark stars are fun to make. Sparkly by day and glowing at night, your child will enjoy this...

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  9.  Pretend Campfire (with S'mores!)

    Pretend Campfire (with S'mores!)

    Want to bring the wonder of the great outdoors...inside? With this pretend fire and s'more kit, indoor camping has never been more fun! My kids...

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  10. Paper Bag Heart Village

    Paper Bag Heart Village

    Today we made a village--a village of love, that is! It started out with a few paper bags...and became a magical little art project as...

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  11. Camping Craft: Mason Jar Lights

    Camping Craft: Mason Jar Lights

    This is an easy and fun craft to take along when you go camping, or to brighten up any summer night. Colorful tape over...

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  12. Tissue Paper Night-Lights

    Tissue Paper Night-Lights

    Create a design-it-yourself night-light using everyday materials and a spark of creativity.

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  13. Red, White and Blue Mason Jar Luminaries

    Red, White and Blue Mason Jar Luminaries

    These easy mason jar crafts are so fun to make. Kids can get creative and decorate them many different ways. The basic ingredient? Balloons!

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  14. Animal Paper Lanterns

    Animal Paper Lanterns

    St. Martin's Day is a fall feasting holiday celebrated in some parts of Europe. The kids and I were thoroughly charmed by some animal lanterns...

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  15. Halloween Milk Jug Lanterns

    Halloween Milk Jug Lanterns

    Autumn in Florida is like no place I have ever lived. The weather is warm, the leaves don't change colors and the pumpkins are shipped...

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