13 Cool liquid watercolors DIY projects

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  1. Liquid Watercolor Flowers

    Liquid Watercolor Flowers

    Watch your child’s face light up as he or she transforms a coffee filter into a beautiful watercolor flower. Making one is so simple and...

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  2. Tie Dye with Liquid Watercolor

    Tie Dye with Liquid Watercolor

    Tie dyeing is a fun way to give new life to a faded old t-shirt, a dingy bag, or mismatched socks, while exploring different color...

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  3. Erupting Apples

    Erupting Apples

    When you have three little curious boys running around your house and a free afternoon, why not get a...

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  4. Art Thru A Straw

    Art Thru A Straw

    When the straws come out along with little pieces of scrap watercolor, you have a perfect craft for your little ones to show their love...

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  5. dip-idy doo dah

    dip-idy doo dah

    Your little ones will have a blast dipping away with this fun, colorful craft!

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  6. Wax-Resist Painting with Liquid Watercolor

    Wax-Resist Painting with Liquid Watercolor

    Any color crayon will work in wax-resist painting, but a white crayon allows children to write “secret” messages. Just paint over the crayon design and...

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  7. Salt Painting with Liquid Watercolor

    Salt Painting with Liquid Watercolor

    Painting with salt is like magic! It’s mesmerizing to watch the paint climb up the salt crystals. Younger kids will be happy drawing abstract designs...

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  8. Itajime- Japenese Paper Dyeing

    Itajime- Japenese Paper Dyeing

    Paper dyeing is a lot easier than I had expected. It was fun to experiment with this fun art with my daughter. You can watch...

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  9. Chalk Paints

    Chalk Paints

    As a child, I loved drawing with chalk on the sidewalk. Whether it was starting a game...

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  10. Pulled String Paintings

    Pulled String Paintings

    Want to create some art that will surprise you? Create unique pieces of artwork by pulling strings across a...

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  11. Bubble Prints

    Bubble Prints

    Test out a new watercolor technique by painting with bubbles! Mix watercolor and dish soap together to create a colorful bubble solution....

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  12. Water & Alcohol Paper

    Water & Alcohol Paper

    Experiment with water and rubbing alcohol to create beautiful paper with interesting patterns and textures! This project is a fun way to...

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  13. Paper Towel Flower

    Paper Towel Flower

    Watercolors on paper towels come out so beautiful, almost like tie dye. It's fun to see the colors spread as you paint. We paint this...

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