13 Cool lunch DIY projects

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  1. Lunch Box Love Notes

    Lunch Box Love Notes

    Finding a special note tucked under a sandwich or apple can prove a sweet surprise, especially for a child who may...

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  2. Halloween Craft: Paper Bag Puppets

    Halloween Craft: Paper Bag Puppets

    Grab the kids and make these fun, creative, Halloween puppets! They are so easy to create and provide hours and hours of entertainment for your...

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  3. School Lunch Napkin Notes

    School Lunch Napkin Notes

    I thought I would make these on my own to send fun messages in my kids lunches, but they got involved and it become a...

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  4. Brown Paper Bag Owl Puppet

    Brown Paper Bag Owl Puppet

    Owls are all the craze these days, so my daughter thought it would be fun to create owl puppets using brown paper bags. This is...

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  5. Crescent Roll Pizzas

    Crescent Roll Pizzas

    If your kids are pizza lovers, like my kids are, then they will love this quick and easy pizza roll, for a snack or lunch,...

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  6. Build a Bear Cave

    Build a Bear Cave

    We've been studying bears and other forest animals. I've discovered my kids learn best with a visual aid...so we decided to make a home...

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  7. Fall Harvest Bento Box

    Fall Harvest Bento Box

    Fall is filled with not only wonderful seasonal changes to trees, but with yummy fruits. My son loves to have meals that illustrate things...

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  8. Paper Bags + Scissors = Nest

    Paper Bags + Scissors = Nest

    The egg dying & decorating season is in full swing. Regardless of whether you're doing plastic, "real," hard-boiled or blown-out, chances are you'll soon...

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  9. Paper Bag Valentine Satchel

    Paper Bag Valentine Satchel

    We've no shortage of paper bags around here, but I must admit, I was stumped for awhile on what to do with them. But...

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  10. Paper Bag Heart Village

    Paper Bag Heart Village

    Today we made a village--a village of love, that is! It started out with a few paper bags...and became a magical little art project as...

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  11. Witch's Broomstick Bag

    Witch's Broomstick Bag

    Make an eco-friendly witch's broomstick with this fun Halloween favor bag--perfect for a classroom or October birthday party! All you need to make one broomstick...

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  12. Confetti Heart Art

    Confetti Heart Art

    Our kids love making a mess, so we jumped at the chance to make a confetti bomb art project. If you are anything like...

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  13. Under the Sea Lunch

    Under the Sea Lunch

    When it's time for back to school, it's time to start planning my kid's lunches. I must admit that most of the time, I barely...

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