23 Cool magnets DIY projects

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  1. Geometric Refrigerator Magnets

    Geometric Refrigerator Magnets

    Challenge yourself to a fun kitchen game while dinner cooks with these magnet puzzles! 

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  2. Bendable Bugs

    Bendable Bugs

    There's no wrong way for these cute bugs to look! Curly legs or straight? Long or short? One eye or six? ...

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  3. Magnet Gift Set

    Magnet Gift Set

    Homemade gifts are so special and my children have such pride when they give them to family, friends, and teachers. I love the confidence they...

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  4. Word Game Magnets

    Word Game Magnets

    Finding ways to bring literacy into our home in a fun, no pressure way is something I am constantly searching for. These magnets were the...

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  5. DIY Fridge Magnets

    DIY Fridge Magnets

    A quick little project your little ones can do with magnet sheets. It's fun, useful, and most importantly... it gets their creative juices flowing! Your...

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  6. Magnetic Locker Pencil Holder

    Magnetic Locker Pencil Holder

    Magnets are a fun and popular way to not only dress those lockers up, they are also very handy for keeping things organized!

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  7. Craft Stick Magnets

    Craft Stick Magnets

    Decorate a popsicle stick with paints, beads, buttons and tiny trinkets, then put two magnets on the back. Perfect for holding heavier things on the...

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  8. The Moving Dollar Trick

    The Moving Dollar Trick

    April Fool's Day is a great excuse play a few harmless jokes, have a few laughs, and play a prank on another jokester.....

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  9. Duct Tape Magnets

    Duct Tape Magnets

    Duct tape has tons of uses! It's a lot of fun to craft with. Ever since my kids saw that it comes in fun colors...

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  10. Crazy Creature Magnets

    Crazy Creature Magnets

    Display your art or school work proudly with these crazy creature magnets made from puzzle pieces.

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  11. Magnetic Easter Eggs

    Magnetic Easter Eggs

    With a couple of strips of decorative duct tape, these easy-to-make and -decorate Easter eggs are the perfect addition to any magnetic surface.

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  12. Dancing Magnet Animals

    Dancing Magnet Animals

    Make any animal you like--using paperclips for arms and legs will enable you to make it bounce, dance and wave!

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  13. Button Mosaic Magnet

    Button Mosaic Magnet

    Use your extra buttons to create a beautiful button mosaic magnet, ornament, or keepsake.

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  14. The Frozen Alphabet

    The Frozen Alphabet

    Learn letters, explore, and play with "The Frozen Alphabet"! All you need to get started are letters and water.

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  15. Magnetic Cereal

    Magnetic Cereal

    Pull a couple of cereal boxes from the shelf and...

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