47 Cool make and play DIY projects

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  1. Be a Play Dough Detective

    Be a Play Dough Detective

    What left that footprint? Solve the mystery to find out and become a play dough detective.

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  2. Butterfly Balancing Act

    Butterfly Balancing Act

    Did you know that all butterflies are perfectly symmetrical? Unlike humans, the two halves of a butterfly including their wing patterns are exactly the...

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  3. Telescope Spotting Game

    Telescope Spotting Game

    Using a homemade telescope, kids play a fun game that hones their artistic imaginative and memory skills. This game can be played with friends and...

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  4. Walnut Boat

    Walnut Boat

    Everything becomes a boat to my two-year-old. This was a fun surprise for him and the fact that they actually floated got my five-year-old pretty...

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  5. Foil + Plastic Cup = Pirate Hook

    Foil + Plastic Cup = Pirate Hook

    Yo ho! It's pirate time! Recruit fellow swashbucklers for a pirate play date.

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  6. Cornmeal Play

    Cornmeal Play

    Looking in my pantry is always the best way to create some fun sensory play in our house. New textures and smells are so engaging...

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  7. Dinosaur Dig Sensory Bin

    Dinosaur Dig Sensory Bin

    What we have here is an archeological dig site for dinosaurs -- or simply a dinosaur dig sensory bin!

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  8. Superhero Wooden Peg Dolls

    Superhero Wooden Peg Dolls

    Your little superheros wil love creating their own wooden super-dolls! They are fun and easy to decorate, and are a great prop for pretend...

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  9. Tape City

    Tape City

    I love this activity because it's the easiest thing to pull out after dinner or on a rainy day and keeps O entertained and imagining...

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  10. Dinosaurs Were HOW Big?!

    Dinosaurs Were HOW Big?!

    You'll never believe how big dinosaurs were. Get your measuring tape and find out for yourself!

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  11. Ice Excavation

    Ice Excavation

    On a trip to Michael's a few months ago, my daughter  talked me into buying a $5 set of dinosaur skulls. We played with...

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  12. Juice Box Pirate Ship

    Juice Box Pirate Ship

    Make your own waterproof pirate ship out of a juice box (or milk box)!

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  13. Spring Flower Lei

    Spring Flower Lei

    Spring is just around the corner and my kids and I enjoyed this fun and simple craft to get ready for the season!

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  14. Blooming Cherry Trees

    Blooming Cherry Trees

    Take a nature walk to find some fallen branches to upcycle into beautiful blooming spring cherry trees. We used tissue paper to make the...

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  15. Monochromatic Butterfly

    Monochromatic Butterfly

    We love mixing paints for making colors...but this time we learned how many colors we can make with just one color and black!

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