17 Cool monsters DIY projects

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  1. Little Monsters

    Little Monsters

    Monsters aren't just for Halloween, you can make these sweet guys anytime!

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  2. Monster Ketchup For The Ten Plagues

    Monster Ketchup For The Ten Plagues

    Here is it, the simplest monster party idea ever... Monster ketchup! Right now it's all about monster ketchup for the Passover Seder. Have fun with...

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  3. Glitter Foam Monsters

    Glitter Foam Monsters

    If your in the Halloween spirit, going to a Halloween party, or just want to make fun, cute, not-so-spooky crafts with your child - this...

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  4. Colorful Pasta Monsters

    Colorful Pasta Monsters

    Play with your food by making these fun, easy to make, pasta monsters! They provide hours of entertainment for your kids while they express their...

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  5. Play Dough Critters

    Play Dough Critters

    This little play idea is quick and easy, and reuses those twist tops from apple sauce or baby food pouches. Add some pipe cleaners and...

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  6. Boredom Busters-index cards to the rescue!

    Boredom Busters-index cards to the rescue!

    Here's a quick boredom buster for your wee ones seven and older though some of the younger kids may totally be up to this. They'll...

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  7. Craft Stick Frankenstein and Bride

    Craft Stick Frankenstein and Bride

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  8. Monster Hat with Ear Flaps

    Monster Hat with Ear Flaps

    Hand your kiddo their hat and all sorts of scrappy bits and glue. Tacky glue works wonders with felt. Let your little ones create a...

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  9. Eyeball Art

    Eyeball Art

    This is a simple way to get little ones thinking creatively, and a quick and easy activity that can be done anywhere! I love seeing...

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  10. Monster Mouth Envelopes

    Monster Mouth Envelopes

    With family and friends all over the country we write a lot of letters. I love when my kids get creative to make writing a...

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  11. Play Dough Monsters

    Play Dough Monsters

    Monsters don't always have to be scary! My girls and I love to make these silly, not-so-scary play dough monsters whenever we get out our...

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  12. Ear Plug Monsters

    Ear Plug Monsters

    I love when random materials become cool art projects for us. Anything little seems to catch my kids' attention, and so they were really intrigued...

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  13. Wooden Spoon Monsters

    Wooden Spoon Monsters

    Stir up some Halloween fun by transforming simple wooden spoons into silly Halloween monsters. Together, my kids came up with a whole crew of motley...

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  14. Paper Plate Halloween Crafts

    Paper Plate Halloween Crafts

    Want some super simple, last minute Halloween craft ideas for the kids? Create this trio of Halloween characters using dessert plates from the dollar store...

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  15. Handprint Monsters

    Handprint Monsters

    The days are getting shorter and the nights cooler, which means Halloween is slowly creeping up on us!  Grab your little one and get into...

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