10 Cool mosaic DIY projects

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  1. Mosaic Frames

    Mosaic Frames

    Your kiddos can create these beautiful mosaic frames. They can make them as gifts or for any special occasion/holiday! What's even more exciting, is that...

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  2. Paint Chip Mosaics

    Paint Chip Mosaics

    Here's a fun way to add a splash of color to your home while creating these fun paint chip mosaics with your child!

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  3.  Magazine Mosaic Flag

    Magazine Mosaic Flag

    Made from recycled magazines, this flag is a fun art activity that kids will love. Showing your patriotism is not just reserved for adults, kids ...

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  4. Handmade Mosaic Coasters Gifts

    Handmade Mosaic Coasters Gifts

    Looking for a heart-felt, homemade, fun craft that your kids will have a blast making? Make mosaic coasters! They make excellent gifts for so many...

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  5. Rainbow Craft

    Rainbow Craft

    Explore color and texture with this simple rainbow craft.

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  6. Mosaic Mask

    Mosaic Mask

    Sometimes we need a step-by-step, and sometimes we don't. I loved this one. I just said "Mosaic African Mask," and Madeleine was off and...

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  7. Dried Bean Mosaic Art

    Dried Bean Mosaic Art

    My kids love any project that allows them to use glue. Since they also love to color we created a fun project that allowed them...

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  8. Mosaic Art

    Mosaic Art

    This mosaic art is perfect for simple drawn objects. Make them ready for hanging on the wall, or arrange your art on a handmade card...

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  9. Mosaic Indian Elephant

    Mosaic Indian Elephant

    Madeleine wanted to make this elephant on a cloth banner, but it would look so darling on a brightly colored piece of paper!

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  10. Toothpaste + Toys = Good, Clean Fun!

    Toothpaste + Toys = Good, Clean Fun!

    Toothpaste and a large plastic bag make a fun sensory experience for children to feel, see, and create with. When I first introduced this to...

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