66 Cool nature DIY projects

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  1. Hobby Stick Animal

    Hobby Stick Animal

    Using a stick, a sock, and your imagination, make a rideable toy. Will yours be a zebra? A giraffe? This one had wings...

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  2. Painting Nature

    Painting Nature

    A nature walk and some paint create the most beautiful treasures.

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  3. Nature Findings Butterflies

    Nature Findings Butterflies

    My kids are always collecting things in the yard! This was a great activity for them to put all those findings to work. I love...

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  4. Stick Bugs

    Stick Bugs

    Explore nature with this simple stick bug craft.

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  5. Rocks to Gems

    Rocks to Gems

    My children have been into pirates lately and seem to always be discovering treasures. Since we have more rock collections in this house than we...

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  6. Nature Butterfly Collage

    Nature Butterfly Collage

    Let nature inspire you to make this beautiful butterfly craft!

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  7. Seashell Friends

    Seashell Friends

    Adding silly faces got my kids giggling...a lot! They named their new little seashell friends and even made them each a little home in some...

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  8. Nature Trail Walking Stick

    Nature Trail Walking Stick

    It never fails: my children find a walking stick every single time we go on a nature walk. I don't know where this love came...

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  9. Stick Quoits

    Stick Quoits

    Quoits is a fun gameI This version uses ingredients you can find outside. Make and play it at the lake, in the woods...and certainly in...

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  10. Play dough Tree

    Play dough Tree

    Get creative with sticks and play dough and make a play dough tree!

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  11. Sink or Float? Nature Experiment

    Sink or Float? Nature Experiment

    Your toddler or preschooler will love to go on a nature walk and then experiment with the items you collect!

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  12. Flower Petal Art

    Flower Petal Art

    This art is made by smashing flower petals into cloth... younger children can do it too, with an extra precautionary step!

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  13. We Are Thankful for the Earth

    We Are Thankful for the Earth

    Take a walk and notice the things you are truly thankful for: trees, water, animals, sunshine. When you return home, make a poster about...

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  14. Mud Pie Kitchen

    Mud Pie Kitchen

    The best play material, in my opinion, is one found right in our own yard--dirt! Last summer we used a few things around the house...

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  15. Glow-in-the-Dark Constellation Cards

    Glow-in-the-Dark Constellation Cards

    Learning about the stars and constellations is fun. But you know what makes it more fun? Glow in the dark paint! My kids made these...

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