34 Cool newspaper DIY projects

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  1. How to Make Old-Fashioned Newspaper Party Hats

    How to Make Old-Fashioned Newspaper Party Hats

    Hats are for partying and this is an easy fun hat to make with your kid. Have fun!

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  2. A Newspaper Painting for the 4th of July

    A Newspaper Painting for the 4th of July

    This is a super easy and fun way to spend time with your kids while telling them about the origins of July 4th!

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  3. Paper Mache Painted Bowls

    Paper Mache Painted Bowls

    This is a fun and easy paper mache project that you can do with your kid/s! Have fun!

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  4. Carpet Golf

    Carpet Golf

    Do you wish mini-golf was a year round activity? Want to play in your own living room? You and your kid/s will have LOTS of...

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  5. DIY Microwave Pressed Flowers

    DIY Microwave Pressed Flowers

    What if Mother's Day is right around the corner and you suddenly decided that you have the perfect craft but it must be decorated with...

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  6. Time for Tinting

    Time for Tinting

    Playing with color paint is a great tool for children to learn the basics in color theory When you begin, you don't even have to...

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  7. Make a Chinese Dragon Puppet

    Make a Chinese Dragon Puppet

    This is a wonderful craft to teach your kids about traditions and celebrations for Chinese New Years. They will have fun creating these puppets while...

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  8. Melted Crayon Art

    Melted Crayon Art

    Melting. It's a natural process that we can see everyday: the ice in a glass of water, the butter...

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  9. Color Mixing

    Color Mixing

    Create all the colors of the rainbow with this simple and fun color mixing activity.

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  10. Coffee Filter Leaves

    Coffee Filter Leaves

    Coffee filters are a wonderful craft material you can find in the kitchen! My own love to paint them with watercolors--they create a beautiful stained-glass...

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  11. Fancy Leggings

    Fancy Leggings

    It's easy to take a pair of plain leggings or a t-shirt up a notch with a little fabric paint and a cool stencil. My...

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  12. Tie Dye with Liquid Watercolor

    Tie Dye with Liquid Watercolor

    Tie dyeing is a fun way to give new life to a faded old t-shirt, a dingy bag, or mismatched socks, while exploring different color...

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  13. Rainbow Spinning Art

    Rainbow Spinning Art

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  14. Starfish Friend

    Starfish Friend

    Who doesn't love a starfish? We made this adorable little guy with clay and colored sand. I never knew colored sand would be so exciting...

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  15. Newspaper Collage

    Newspaper Collage

    Sharks? Turtles? An octopus? What resides in your under-the-sea? We used newspaper magazines (with different shades of print) to make a...

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