13 Cool oil pastels DIY projects

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  1. Fireworks Drawing

    Fireworks Drawing

    Oil pastels on black paper are always a big hit. Add some glitter for some fun and very festive fireworks!

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  2. Abstract Animals

    Abstract Animals

    You can talk with your kids about animal faces and show them books on are four legged friends. Then let your kids get started drawing...

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  3. In My Neighborhood

    In My Neighborhood

    Your kiddos will love creating colorful neighborhoods and cities with you as you discuss architecture and your neighborhoods! See what cities their imaginations will create.

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  4. Gears!


    What better way to talk to your little ones about industry than machines and gears than while they are creating this visual and intellectually stimulating...

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  5. Oil Pastel Stained Glass Picture

    Oil Pastel Stained Glass Picture

    There is nothing prettier than stained glass! Try this richly colored art project with sure-to-please results!

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  6. Make Your Own Apron

    Make Your Own Apron

    Kids love to cook wearing their own apron! You can make a very professional looking apron very easily and enjoy cooking your meals - with...

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  7. Oil Pastel Easter Egg Decorating

    Oil Pastel Easter Egg Decorating

    We used oil pastels on our Easter eggs and the kids were amazed at the bright beautiful eggs they made. They were a lot of...

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  8. Sandpaper Garden

    Sandpaper Garden

    We've been discovering and playing with tons of fun gardening activities. This Sandpaper Garden was one of our favorites! Gardening with kids is such fun --...

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  9. Exploring Oil Pastels

    Exploring Oil Pastels

    Oil pastels create bright, vibrant colors, and--unlike regular markers--you can blend the colors right on the paper. Here's a fun way to explore more with oil...

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  10. Rainy Day Painting

    Rainy Day Painting

    Rainy days call for more involved projects and special materials. My kids look forward to these days so we can pull out supplies that...

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  11. Canvas Painting with Kids

    Canvas Painting with Kids

    It's easy and fun to create beautiful wall art with children. I love painting with my kids and we have made such great art that...

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  12. Toilet Roll Flower Stamping

    Toilet Roll Flower Stamping

    We recently made flower pictures to welcome spring. The kids had so much fun designing their own flower stamps out of toilet paper rolls....

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  13. Eco-Friendly Party Poppers

    Eco-Friendly Party Poppers

    Send your birthday guests home from the party with these eco-friendly party poppers. Have your kids help make them, fill them and pass them out...

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