10 Cool origami DIY projects

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  1. Origami Pyramid Passover Centerpiece

    Origami Pyramid Passover Centerpiece

    Origami and geometric shapes are all the rage, so origami pyramids for your Passover table seem oh so perfect to create with your little ones!...

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  2. Origami Paper Flowers

    Origami Paper Flowers

    Your kid will have the most fun selecting hi//her colors and patterns to make a Paper Flower Collage! This is a simple but creative craft.

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  3. Origami Paper Bracelet

    Origami Paper Bracelet

    I remember as a child at camp we learned how to turn gum wrappers into chains that could be used for jewelry, or a garland....

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  4. Simple Origami Jumping Frogs For Passover

    Simple Origami Jumping Frogs For Passover

    Origami frogs, namely simple origami jumping frogs, that you and the kids can make in just a few minutes each, are the perfect craft for...

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  5. Origami Boat

    Origami Boat

    Origami is the Japanese art of folding paper into decorative shapes and figures. Learn how to fold these beautiful origami boats!

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  6. Origami Fortune Cookie

    Origami Fortune Cookie

    Ring in Chinese New Year with a super cute American-inspired fortune cookie craft that’s easy to do and fun...

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  7. Pint-Sized Portrait

    Pint-Sized Portrait

    Making a collage was one of my favorite things to do as a child. I loved putting together different colors and textures to create a...

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  8. Tanabata Tree

    Tanabata Tree

    Tanabata is a Japanese holiday that is celebrated between July and August around different parts of Japan. This holiday is based on a story...

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  9. Danish Woven Paper Heart Baskets

    Danish Woven Paper Heart Baskets

    The oldest known Christmas woven hearts were made by author Hans Christian Anderson in 1860. Today they're made with a paper handle by young...

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  10. Origami Fidget Spinner

    Origami Fidget Spinner

    These twirling toys are all the rage, so we decided to put our own little spin on them. Using just...

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