12 Cool outdoor play ideas

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  1. One-of-a-Kind Bubble Bottle

    One-of-a-Kind Bubble Bottle

    Is there anything more fun for kids than bubbles? Not in my house!--well, at least on this afternoon with with this particular bubble bottle. My...

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  2. Gelatine Fun!

    Gelatine Fun!

    Sensory fun activities are a favorite in our home. I love seeing these little hands explore, learn and discover all while relaxing their body and...

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  3. Play Dough Cars

    Play Dough Cars

    You know those colorful caps that twist off of apple sauce or baby food pouches? Use them for some recycling crafty goodness...

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  4. Frog Pond Water Play

    Frog Pond Water Play

    Put a fun twist on water play this Summer with a DIY Frog Pond!

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  5. Easy Backyard Spy Fort

    Easy Backyard Spy Fort

    We are fans of all things involving forts and hideaways. This one was super easy to put together with the kids and I think it...

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  6. Ice Boat Race

    Ice Boat Race

    Ready for the race? Create your own ice boat and be the first to cross the finish line!

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  7. Leaf

    Leaf "Glitter"

    Put those leaves that have fallen in the yard to good use with this DIY Leaf Glitter.

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  8. Lemonade Stand Sensory Play

    Lemonade Stand Sensory Play

    "Lemonade! Get your fresh lemonade!" Explore, pretend, and create with this Lemonade Stand Sensory Table.

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  9. Homemade Body Paint

    Homemade Body Paint

    Get creative, get messy, and have fun with homemade body paint!

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  10. The Frozen Alphabet

    The Frozen Alphabet

    Learn letters, explore, and play with "The Frozen Alphabet"! All you need to get started are letters and water.

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  11. Planting Felt Flowers

    Planting Felt Flowers

    Plant this beautiful felt flower garden with your little ones!

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  12. Animal Bath Time

    Animal Bath Time

    It's the unexpected surprises that keep life exciting. That's why on a mellow Sunday afternoon, I told my children they could paint their (indoor)...

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