11 Cool packing DIY projects

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  1. Marble Run Fun!

    Marble Run Fun!

    This is a great craft for kids to create and problem-solve as they lay out their marble tracks, test them and make adjustments. Colored masking...

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  2. Life-Sized Self Portrait

    Life-Sized Self Portrait

    This is a great craft for kids to not only express themselves but also see their physical growth while being creative. It's so fun and...

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  3. Bucket + Tape = Drums

    Bucket + Tape = Drums

    Playing music is a fun creative outlet and a great way to express our emotions without saying anything. The kids and I had fun making...

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  4. Packing Peanut Igloo

    Packing Peanut Igloo

    Packing peanuts are my new favorite art material. Did you know with water they will stick together or to anything else? No glue needed! Talk...

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  5. Packing Peanut Bugs

    Packing Peanut Bugs

    My daughter loves making bug crafts. She loves reading bug stories. She even loves keeping bugs in a jar. But if a bug dares to...

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  6. Packing Peanuts + Glue = Sculpture

    Packing Peanuts + Glue = Sculpture

    Being a busy parent with an infant, I love the convenience of online shopping, but don't always enjoy the packing material collateral. My favorite packing...

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  7. Day of the Dead Skull

    Day of the Dead Skull

    A Dia de los Muertos, or the Day of the Dead, is a national holiday celebrated in Mexico and in other countries. It is a...

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  8. Packing Tape Ghosts

    Packing Tape Ghosts

    Discover the process of mold making and create a “ghost” using your favorite stuffed animal or a human hand, leg, or...

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  9. Corrugated Cardboard Challenge

    Corrugated Cardboard Challenge

    Corrugated cardboard is a great and sturdy building material. What’s even better is that it’s super easy to come by--just check...

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  10. Shamrock & Rainbow Wall Hanging

    Shamrock & Rainbow Wall Hanging

    St. Patrick's Day is such a fun time in our house! There are leprechaun visits with homemade traps and lots of rainbows. The...

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  11. DIY Shield & Coat of Arms

    DIY Shield & Coat of Arms

    Did you know that during Medieval times, knights used special designs and pictures on their shields -- called a coat of arms -- to identify...

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