11 Cool paper heart DIY projects

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  1. Light-up Heart Flower

    Light-up Heart Flower

    Repurpose those pencils without erasers to create a light-up flower pencil! 

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  2. Magnetic Tissue Paper Hearts

    Magnetic Tissue Paper Hearts

    A simple and quick little project that involves crumbling, smashing and gluing - which is sure to be a delight in any child's eyes.

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  3. Paper Bag Heart Village

    Paper Bag Heart Village

    Today we made a village--a village of love, that is! It started out with a few paper bags...and became a magical little art project as...

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  4. Torn Paper Hearts

    Torn Paper Hearts

    A quick and fun way to make a unique heart collage utilizing various fine motor skills.

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  5. Confetti Heart Art

    Confetti Heart Art

    Our kids love making a mess, so we jumped at the chance to make a confetti bomb art project. If you are anything like...

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  6. Watercolor Hearts

    Watercolor Hearts

    These hearts were an experiment one afternoon. As we colored some heart cut-outs we added a few drops of water and watched how beautiful the...

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  7. Heart-Shaped Sandwich

    Heart-Shaped Sandwich

    My kids can be picky eaters, so lunch usually looks the same every day: the good ol' PB&J. So to make lunchtime a bit more...

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  8. Valentine Yogurt Treats

    Valentine Yogurt Treats

    Here's a simple, sweet, and healthy Valentine treat to counteract some of those not-so-good-for-you candies associated with the holiday of love. My kids love...

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  9. Family Love Garland

    Family Love Garland

    Love is in the air...and hanging from the doorways with this fun Valentine's Day garland! With some paper and ribbon, the kids took the...

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  10. Lollipop Mouse Valentines

    Lollipop Mouse Valentines

    We love making homemade valentines for Valentine's Day! The kids always have so much fun coming up with a creative craft and making something...

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  11. Recycled Heart Crayons

    Recycled Heart Crayons

    Valentine's Day is typically overrun with chocolates and heart candies. Since my oldest son is in kindergarten this year, I wanted him to be...

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