24 Cool paper plates DIY projects

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  1. Lion and Lamb Masks

    Lion and Lamb Masks

    If you little ones love masks, animals, and pretend play, this is a great craft for them to make!

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  2. Woodland Animal Masks

    Woodland Animal Masks

    Masks are fun way for children to explore and move and act in different ways. Have a forest-friendly craft that will get your little ones...

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  3. String Roller Print

    String Roller Print

    A fun painting project using everyday upcycled materials.

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  4. Toilet Roll Flower Stamping

    Toilet Roll Flower Stamping

    We recently made flower pictures to welcome spring. The kids had so much fun designing their own flower stamps out of toilet paper rolls....

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  5. Fun Fractions for Kids!

    Fun Fractions for Kids!

    Sweeten a mathematics lesson about fractions with candy while creating some visual stimulation. This craft will also tune fine motor skills and is artistic to...

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  6. A little textured fun... with glue!

    A little textured fun... with glue!

    Hand your kidlets a bottle of glue and let them have a go at it. Draw pictures or swirly designs, it is totally up to...

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  7. Creative Cars

    Creative Cars

    This is a great project for moms with a couple kids. If you have a bunch then you're nominated for saint-hood! There is a lot...

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  8. Sun Mask

    Sun Mask

    Summer is here. The sun is out and we're celebrating! This sun mask was the beginning of many more summer themed crafts. I loved seeing...

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  9. Paper Plate Fraction Puzzles

    Paper Plate Fraction Puzzles

    We had so much fun creating these paper plate puzzles together. The kids enjoyed making puzzles to challenge each other and I snuck in a...

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  10. Paper Plate Easter Chick

    Paper Plate Easter Chick

    Try your hand at these simple but oh-so-cute paper plate Easter chicks this spring! Keep reading to find out what supplies you'll need and just...

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  11. Charlotte's Web Weavings!

    Charlotte's Web Weavings!

    In honor of E.B. White's Birthday, (author of Charlotte's Web) why not create some spider webs with your kiddos. Make spider web weavings and watch...

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  12. Salad spinner painting

    Salad spinner painting

    Your kids can create a super fun and very easy painting that you can cherish forever. This craft is so easy to make and so...

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  13. Paper Plate Tropical Fish

    Paper Plate Tropical Fish

    Are you and your kids dreaming of summer? Tropical fish live in the ocean, and their colors are vibrant and beautiful. Here's a fun paper...

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  14. Paper Plate Frisbees

    Paper Plate Frisbees

    Summer is here and the kids are outside more and more. Whether it’'s summer camp, playing in the park or just hanging out in the...

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  15. Paper Plate Flyers

    Paper Plate Flyers

    Make a simple paper plate flyer. Just toss it like a frisbee, and see how far it flies!

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