33 Cool paper towel DIY projects

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  1. Rain Stick

    Rain Stick

    Teach your kids about the importance of rain and the water cycle while they make these colorful, fun-to-make, rain sticks. This is a nice way...

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  2. Fingerprint Hearts

    Fingerprint Hearts

    Break out the ink pad to make fingerprint hearts for an easy and fun way for your child to create valentines for the people they...

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  3. Fossil Casts - Dinosaur Art Project

    Fossil Casts - Dinosaur Art Project

    This is very different than other uses for Mod Podge. Today you can use this craft with your little ones to create Dinosaur fossils!

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  4. Paper Roll Heart Stamp

    Paper Roll Heart Stamp

    Replacing a paint brush with a paper roll and experimenting with shapes was such fun. We decided to create hearts for Valentine's day on this...

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  5. Paper Roll Gift Boxes

    Paper Roll Gift Boxes

    You can hardly tell that our fancy little gift boxes were actually holding toilet paper prior to their new life! I love when we can...

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  6. Clay Stamping

    Clay Stamping

    You can press clay on just about anything to create a unique, one-of-a-kind stamp. Small, flat objects like leaves or flowers are especially beautiful!

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  7. Valentine Fingerprint Stencil Heart

    Valentine Fingerprint Stencil Heart

    I love it when my kids make personalized gifts--especially when they are meaningful and capture moments in time. Fingerprints are a great...

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  8. Pom Pom Hockey

    Pom Pom Hockey

    Hockey has always been a big part of our lives. I wanted a fun way to bring the love of the game indoors. Try this...

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  9. Paper Plate Ring Toss

    Paper Plate Ring Toss

    We designed and created our own little game of ring toss that uses super simple household materials. The kids had so much...

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  10. Rainbow Paper Experiment

    Rainbow Paper Experiment

    Did you know that you can create a rainbow with clear nail polish? Try this quick experiment...

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  11. Hammered Leaves

    Hammered Leaves

    Fall comes and goes, just like the color of autumn leaves. These leaves don't last very long, but you can preserve them...

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  12. String Painting

    String Painting

    This project is all about getting your hands dirty! Use a string to draw, or drag it between two sides or pieces of paper...make loop-de-loop...

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  13. Window Greenhouse

    Window Greenhouse

    How do plants grow? In this experiment, you will create a mini greenhouse to learn how plants depend on sunlight and water. Place seeds in...

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  14. Homemade Dough Gift Tags

    Homemade Dough Gift Tags

    I wanted to get my entire family involved with personalized gift giving! So I created these nature-inspired dough gift tags with an...

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  15. Marble Maze

    Marble Maze

    We love getting multiple uses out of simple materials. That's why we created this easy DIY Marble maze. Not only...

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