14 Cool patterning DIY projects

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  1. Pair of Socks

    Pair of Socks

    This is a great craft for your kids to learning about shapes and matching. It is also great for opening a dialogue and discussion between...

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  2. Spots & Dots

    Spots & Dots

    Tiny spots, enormous spots, spots jabbed out lickety-split and wily-nily can cover their paper leopards every-which-way. Take a silent seat, listen carefully and watch the...

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  3. Blue Prints

    Blue Prints

    This is a great little project to learn about collage, printmaking and texture. Guaranteed fun!

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  4. Felt and Paper Jester Hat

    Felt and Paper Jester Hat

    Ring them bells! This easy to create hat makes for a great dance party accoutrement. All you need is some felt and paper from around...

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  5. Dress Me Up!

    Dress Me Up!

    This craft is so fun and easy to make with toddlers. They get to create their own doll art while using their fine motor skills...

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  6.  Colorful Weaving!

    Colorful Weaving!

    This craft is something your kids can make with some sticks, odds and ends possibly lying around your house and a little imagination. They'll love...

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  7. Boredom Busters-index cards to the rescue!

    Boredom Busters-index cards to the rescue!

    Here's a quick boredom buster for your wee ones seven and older though some of the younger kids may totally be up to this. They'll...

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  8. Yikes! Stripes!

    Yikes! Stripes!

    Lines are all around us. Take a look at a few books with your kids to find stripes. Simply put for them, stripes are lines...

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  9. Pasta & Beads Bracelets

    Pasta & Beads Bracelets

    These bracelets are so colorful and fun to make and wear, for both boys and girls! You can make these rainbow bracelets after dying...

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  10. Pasta Bead Sequencing

    Pasta Bead Sequencing

    This a simple "sanity saver" activity--for the car, the restaurant, the doctor's office, church, etc...basically any place you need a quiet activity for the...

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  11. 10 Pool Noodle Games

    10 Pool Noodle Games

    Foam pool noodles aren't just for summer! There are so many ways you can use a pool noodle to make learning fun. Here are 10...

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  12. Apple Pattern Games

    Apple Pattern Games

    One of our favorite family fall activities is to go apple picking. This year, we used our apples to help my preschooler practice making...

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  13. Spaghetti Pattern Towers

    Spaghetti Pattern Towers

    My little architects had a great time noodling around with this fun building activity! Using just a few simple items that we had around the...

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