14 Cool physical science DIY projects

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  1. Surface Tension Experiment

    Surface Tension Experiment

    We can see through mesh. We can hear through it, breathe through it, and even pour water through it... So there is no way...

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  2. Paper Plunge Experiment

    Paper Plunge Experiment

    Can you dunk newspaper under water and have it come out dry? Does air take up space? We're always up for a fun...

    Science Projects for Kids

  3. Making Rain

    Making Rain

    What does it take for rain to fall? Is it possible that we can create the conditions for rain ourselves? Let's find out!

    Science Projects for Kids

  4. Let's Build a Flashlight

    Let's Build a Flashlight

    This little boredom buster is quick and easy to set up using just a flashlight from the dollar store! It's perfect for older kids who...

    Science Projects for Kids

  5. Sticky Ice

    Sticky Ice

    Is it possible to remove ice from a bowl without getting your hands wet? You can if you know the science behind it.....

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  6. String Telephone

    String Telephone

    I'm not sure why, but I think "childhood magic" when I think of these. "D'you wanna make a string telephone, Maddie? " "Yeah!" Then a pause,...

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  7. Electrostatic Toothpick

    Electrostatic Toothpick

    How strong is static electricity? Can it move through a cup? Can we actually see it working? We were going to find...

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  8. Ghost Mud Ice Cream

    Ghost Mud Ice Cream

    Ghost Mud is so easy to make and it's a wonderful sensory activity for your children. It smells fantastic, and it's delightfully ooey and gooey...

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  9. No-Brainer Craft Project

    No-Brainer Craft Project

    All it takes is some toothpicks and tiny marshmallows to make these little structures. It's a great craft to fine tune motor skills, while your...

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  10. Gears!


    What better way to talk to your little ones about industry than machines and gears than while they are creating this visual and intellectually stimulating...

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  11. Hot Air Balloon

    Hot Air Balloon

    Although this craft only lasts a day, it is well worth doing - it provides HOURS of fun and is really quite magical. By using...

  12. Tick Tock! Nelson Clocks!

    Tick Tock! Nelson Clocks!

    Since the Nelson clocks do not have numbers, you can tell time by hand position and that is something the clocks have in common with......

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  13. Borax Ornaments

    Borax Ornaments

    We have favorite crystal ornaments, and these are it! No waiting for weeks for these crystals to form...using borax instead of salt or sugar...

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  14. Something

    Something "Magical"...

    This is a great activity to do with crayons of course but using white candles makes it even more magical. Invisible pictures! The best part...

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