9 Cool physics DIY projects

These physics projects teach children important theories about matter and its motion and behavior. They are fun to complete and make perfect science fair projects.

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  1. No-Brainer Craft Project

    No-Brainer Craft Project

    All it takes is some toothpicks and tiny marshmallows to make these little structures. It's a great craft to fine tune motor skills, while your...

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  2. Hot Air Balloon

    Hot Air Balloon

    Although this craft only lasts a day, it is well worth doing - it provides HOURS of fun and is really quite magical. By using...

  3. Mini-Bots


    This is a challenging project, but a great introduction to simple circuits. And how fun is it to make something that actually moves and lights...

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  4. Does Air Have Matter?

    Does Air Have Matter?

    Is air a something? Does it have matter? Does it take up space? We are curious, and scientific investigations are a terrific way for us to find answers!

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  5. Amazing Swing Experiment

    Amazing Swing Experiment

    Hmmm.... Can we see the laws of physics in action while swinging on a swing? Well, we do love to swing, so let's find...

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  6. How Strong is Paper?

    How Strong is Paper?

    We have an engineer in our family... she's always playing with pulleys and levers and constructing things. This time we were playing with compression...

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  7. Electrostatic Toothpick

    Electrostatic Toothpick

    How strong is static electricity? Can it move through a cup? Can we actually see it working? We were going to find...

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  8. Newton's Tower

    Newton's Tower

    Use excess office supplies to experiment with and learn about inertia! 

    Newton’s first law...

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  9. Ice Cube vs. Wire

    Ice Cube vs. Wire

    Can you cut through an ice cube with a piece of wire and a couple of weights? Find out...

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