12 Cool pinecones DIY projects

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  1. Pine Cone Turkeys

    Pine Cone Turkeys

    These little turkeys are so much fun to make and are a cute addition to the Thanksgiving decor. This year bring some of these...

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  2. Fall Pinecone Wreath

    Fall Pinecone Wreath

    Fall is one of the most beautiful times of year. My kids are always pointing out all the pretty leaves around them. We decided to...

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  3. Pinecone Place Settings

    Pinecone Place Settings

    We love Thanksgiving around here--not just a little but a LOT! The kids love to get involved any way they can, so what better way...

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  4. Pinecone Angels

    Pinecone Angels

    When it comes to turning nature into art, nothing makes my kids happier. They love every project that starts with gathering supplies on a nature...

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  5. Twig Stars

    Twig Stars

    Our family spends lots of time outdoors--splashing much of the day away during the summer, and hunting walnuts and bright red splotches on bare branches...

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  6. Pinecone Snow Owl

    Pinecone Snow Owl

    Anything made with a pinecone is so darling. We made owls in two different ways with pinecones. I adapted each to fit both my children's...

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  7. Ice Lanterns

    Ice Lanterns

    We make these beautiful winter lanterns every year around the Solstice... they're so simple to make, and so fantastically beautiful to see flickering in winter's...

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  8. Mister Turkey Place Card

    Mister Turkey Place Card

    We made place cards for Thanksgiving dinner. It was an excuse for us to do a pinecone search outdoors, recycle our egg carton, and work...

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  9. Thanksgiving Jar

    Thanksgiving Jar

    Thanksgiving is a day to give thanks for the harvest and express gratitude. Sounds so easy, but as I am running through the aisles of...

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  10. Green Fire Pinecones

    Green Fire Pinecones

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  11. Pinecone Hedgehog

    Pinecone Hedgehog

    My little V is currently a nature collector. Every time we go to the playground, she would rather gather sticks, leaves, rocks, acorns, and...

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