50 Cool pipe cleaner DIY projects

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  1. Pipe Cleaner Flower Fairies

    Pipe Cleaner Flower Fairies

    My daughter just loves fairies. She wanted to make and name her own, so we tried this homemade fairy-making project!

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  2. Miniature Button-Tree Ornaments

    Miniature Button-Tree Ornaments

    These miniature button trees are easy for preschoolers and older children and only take a few minutes to make, plus they have the added benefit...

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  3. Mini Beaded Wreath

    Mini Beaded Wreath

    Pipe cleaners and beads are always a win win! From jewelry to fairies...you can make it all with these two things. Today we made a...

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  4. Royal Crown

    Royal Crown

    This crown was so very simple, but was the start to an afternoon filled with imaginative play. I just love when that happens and with...

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  5. Fun Pencil Topper

    Fun Pencil Topper

    These pencil toppers are fun for kids to make and use. Best of all, you can personalize them for each and every occasion. My daughter...

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  6. Butterfly Snack

    Butterfly Snack

    I am always trying to find ways to make my children's lunches fun and healthy. Making these cute butterfly snack packs together really got my...

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  7. Recycled Bunnies

    Recycled Bunnies

    It's always fun to see what kinds of things you can create using things you would normally just throw away. With Easter coming, we decided...

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  8. Wishing Wand

    Wishing Wand

    Make your little one's dreams come true with by making this magical wishing wand!

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  9. Pipe Cleaner Chick

    Pipe Cleaner Chick

    Hooray! Spring is almost here and we can start making all sorts of cute little chick crafts! We started the season with this simple and...

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  10. Clothespin Grasshopper

    Clothespin Grasshopper

    Make a grasshopper with this simple clothes pin craft.

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  11. Pony Bead Counting Board

    Pony Bead Counting Board

    In Nursery school, my daughter is all about counting! So, I decided to have her make her own counting board for a fun visual!

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  12. Hanging Rainbow

    Hanging Rainbow

    Who doesn't love a rainbow? I guess it must be all the happy colors together in one place. For St Patrick's Day every year we...

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  13. Cotton Bunny

    Cotton Bunny

    Is there anything more cute than a bunny?! Okay, adorable five-year old best friends forever are pretty cute too! My daughter and her bestie made...

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  14. Snail Friend

    Snail Friend

    Bugs and my boy seem to go hand and hand. Together we made a cute little snail that even I don't mind holding.

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  15. Bendable Bugs

    Bendable Bugs

    There's no wrong way for these cute bugs to look! Curly legs or straight? Long or short? One eye or six? ...

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