21 Cool pot DIY projects

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  1. How to Make Sand Candles

    How to Make Sand Candles

    A great summer project to try with your kids. These candles could be perfect gifts as well as making your home more beautiful with thoughtful,...

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  2. Clay Flower Pots

    Clay Flower Pots

    I had a few spare planting pots sitting around, so I decided to pull together this simple and fun activity for my visiting niece. Together...

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  3. Garden Toadstool

    Garden Toadstool

    Since we have a thing for fairies in our house, we also have a thing for toadstools! This cute one made by my daughter looks...

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  4. Fire Pot S'mores

    Fire Pot S'mores

    Recreate the fun of summertime camping with mini fire pot s'mores! Nothing's more convenient than roasting marshmallows using a simple terra cotta...

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  5. Craft Stick Bangle

    Craft Stick Bangle

    Who knew a craft stick could become a fashionable bracelet? I loved the way these came out. Being able to wear the kids' art around...

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  6. Pot Lid

    Pot Lid "Mouse" Trap

    There are some days when it doesn't take anything parent-led, packaged, or planned to entertain your kids (of course, there are also days when it...

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  7. Homemade Marshmallows

    Homemade Marshmallows

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  8. Edible Paint

    Edible Paint

    In our household, we're not afraid to get a little messy, after all, it's inevitable with two...

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  9. Hot Chocolate Cafe

    Hot Chocolate Cafe

    This is a great pretend play project that you can easily set up. The idea was inspired by Trish's Hot Chocolate Shop at Preschool...

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  10. Wax Resist Eggs

    Wax Resist Eggs

    Get ready for Easter with these simple wax resist eggs. We had so much fun scribbling patterns and seeing them appear when...

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  11. Yummy Polymer Gummies

    Yummy Polymer Gummies

    Our kid testing lab is well loved for many things -- the abundance of hands-on materials, the continuous experimentation & tinkering, and...

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  12. Leaf Color Experiment

    Leaf Color Experiment

    With fall around the corner, we've been seeing the leaves in our neighborhood slowly start to change. My kids have had so...

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  13. Stove-Popped Popcorn

    Stove-Popped Popcorn

    Some Native American tribes made popcorn, which was a fun and easy snack to make (even before the invention of the microwave!). We've been making...

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  14. Skeleton Leaves

    Skeleton Leaves

    Did you know the art of skeletonizing leaves was practiced by the Chinese during the Ming Dynasty?...

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  15. Chocolate Leaves

    Chocolate Leaves

    When you have a child coming to you at least once a day asking, "Mom, can I have a small handful of those chocolate chips?"...

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