45 Cool pretend DIY projects

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  1. Hot Chocolate Cafe

    Hot Chocolate Cafe

    This is a great pretend play project that you can easily set up. The idea was inspired by Trish's Hot Chocolate Shop at Preschool...

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  2. Outdoor Mud Pie Kitchen

    Outdoor Mud Pie Kitchen

    This outdoor mud pie kitchen only takes a few minutes to set up, but will keep your child happily busy for hours!

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  3. Corn on the Cob Pencil Holder

    Corn on the Cob Pencil Holder

    Here's a fun corn on the cob craft for your kids to make. Because of the beans it's surprisingly sturdy. Functional and fun!

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  4. Ghost Mud Ice Cream

    Ghost Mud Ice Cream

    Ghost Mud is so easy to make and it's a wonderful sensory activity for your children. It smells fantastic, and it's delightfully ooey and gooey...

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  5. Pretend Play Smores

    Pretend Play Smores

    Want all the fun of making s'mores, but without the sugar-high afterwards? These pretend play s'mores are SO easy to make, and they are calorie-free...

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  6. DIY Doll Lunch Box

    DIY Doll Lunch Box

    Is your doll ready for back-to-school? Does she get hungry at lunch time? Do the other dolls make fun of her lunch box because it's...

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  7. Cloud Dough Ice Cream Shop

    Cloud Dough Ice Cream Shop

    Have you tried playing with cloud dough yet? It is totally awesome! It's so simple to make a cloud dough ice cream shop and it's...

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  8. Gingerbread Play Dough

    Gingerbread Play Dough

    Love the smell of Gingerbread while making this play dough craft! It will provide hours on entertainment for your little ones while they get into...

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  9. Crazy Nails

    Crazy Nails

    This project was one that my daughter created all on her own. It goes to show how badly she wants to have long nails! This...

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  10. "Out to Lunch" Books

    Here's a great way to create some unique book ideas this fall that you can make with your kids to get them ready to go...

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  11. Pretend Cash Register

    Pretend Cash Register

    This cardboard cash register is a fun addition to pretend market play! "Ring up" sells by pushing buttons and exchanging pretend money! 

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  12. Paper Nail Salon

    Paper Nail Salon

    Here's the solution to daily, never-ending requests for nail painting! Paper hands were my daughter's dream come true as she "painted" each nail just the...

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  13. Telescope Spotting Game

    Telescope Spotting Game

    Using a homemade telescope, kids play a fun game that hones their artistic imaginative and memory skills. This game can be played with friends and...

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  14. Jointed Zoo Animal

    Jointed Zoo Animal

    Running, kicking, leaping, playing animals! Madeleine made a tiger and a zebra. What's your favorite zoo or aquarium animal? An octopus with...

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