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  1. Spring Coloring Pages

    Spring Coloring Pages

    Just in time for spring, here are four adorable spring-themed coloring pages featuring our favorite kiwi bird, Steve! Print them out and color them in....

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  2. Lunch Box Love Notes

    Lunch Box Love Notes

    Finding a special note tucked under a sandwich or apple can prove a sweet surprise, especially for a child who may...

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  3. "At the Beach" Puppet Stage

    Build a stage to put on a beachtime puppet show!

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  4. Summer 2014 Printable Calendar

    Summer 2014 Printable Calendar

    We've been counting down the days to summer and now that it's nearly here, we can't wait to see what the next few months have...

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  5. Daily Routine Chart

    Daily Routine Chart

    Get back into the groove of school with this easy...

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  6. Pretend Cash Register

    Pretend Cash Register

    This cardboard cash register is a fun addition to pretend market play! "Ring up" sells by pushing buttons and exchanging pretend money! 

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  7. Grandparents Day Card

    Grandparents Day Card

    As Grandparents Day (the first Sunday after Labor Day) approaches, we wanted to share with you a simple but personalized gift idea that will be...

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  8. Candy Hugger Cards

    Candy Hugger Cards

    Valentine's Day wouldn’t be complete without chocolate! What better way to celebrate than with these easy cut-out cards...

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  9. Gratitude Collage

    Gratitude Collage

    In our home, we love getting ready for the holidays, which means lots of kid-made decorations and hands-on projects. I created this...

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  10. After School Routine Clock

    After School Routine Clock

    It's almost time to "fall back" an hour and there's no wasting time trying to keep your kids on track!...

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  11. Make-a-Monster Game

    Make-a-Monster Game

    I've always been inspired by the underlying messages of Dr. Seuss's books. I love that they encourage coloring outside of the lines, trying new things,...

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  12. Photo Booth

    Photo Booth

    It was so much fun putting together a DIY photobooth for our family's New Years Eve celebration! Not only did it keep...

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  13. Missing Square Puzzle

    Missing Square Puzzle

    They say seeing is believing, but sometimes your eyes can trick you! Download this printable puzzle here and...

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  14. Stained Glass Paper Kite

    Stained Glass Paper Kite

    What better way to celebrate spring than to go outside and fly a kite? Try making your own paper...

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  15. 3 Letter Lacing Busy Bag

    3 Letter Lacing Busy Bag

    One of the things I enjoy doing with V is incorporating learning into a fun activity. And if that activity can be incorporated into...

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