14 Cool rain forest DIY projects

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  1. Little Water Lilies

    Little Water Lilies

    About Monet... with kids ages 3-5 you can talk about Monet and his garden. Ask them about what might be in a garden-flowers, trees, and...

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  2. Baking Roly Polies Snail Shells

    Baking Roly Polies Snail Shells

    Bake up some Roly Polies Snail Shells with your kids. This tasty recipe will surely put a smile on the faces of your love ones!

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  3. Cardboard Tube Coiled Snakes

    Cardboard Tube Coiled Snakes

    After you find a few toilet paper tubes and some colorful paint... hit the craft room! In no time, you and your child will have...

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  4. Paper Plate Snail

    Paper Plate Snail

    This simple paper plate snail craft is the perfect way to let your child show his creativity.

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  5. Frog Pond Water Play

    Frog Pond Water Play

    Put a fun twist on water play this Summer with a DIY Frog Pond!

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  6. Play Dough Snakes

    Play Dough Snakes

    I love that play dough can be used to celebrate every occasion with just a few additions to the table. Since the year of the...

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  7. Frog Pond Game

    Frog Pond Game

    Frogs or turtles--who will land on the lily pads and win?

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  8. Snail Friend

    Snail Friend

    Bugs and my boy seem to go hand and hand. Together we made a cute little snail that even I don't mind holding.

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  9. Frog Rock

    Frog Rock

    My kids love to chase frogs and collect leaves...so I thought making a frog out of leaves would join these two loves in perfect harmony!...

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  10. Snail Cap

    Snail Cap

    I think we have made over a dozen snail crafts just this year! But, they are just too hard to resist with those cute little...

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  11. Paper Tube Snake

    Paper Tube Snake

    Here's a slinky snake made from yarn and paper tubes. Make him long or short, and use any slithery colors and design you can...

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  12. Feed the Frog

    Feed the Frog

    Feed the Frog is a fun way to practice counting, sorting, and fine motor skills with pretend play! My little girl had a blast pretending...

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  13. Swamp-A-Mole Avocado Dip

    Swamp-A-Mole Avocado Dip

    How do you get your kids to snack on a healthy snack? Give it a fun name, let your child prepare it, and make fun...

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  14. Snake Straw Puppet

    Snake Straw Puppet

    My children make me laugh when they have a puppet in their little hands. I love hearing their silly voices change for each character and...

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