40 Cool reading DIY projects

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  1. R is for Rain

    R is for Rain

    If your kids love to water color, have them create these fun, educational water color letters while you talk to them about where rain...

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  2. Boredom Busters-index cards to the rescue!

    Boredom Busters-index cards to the rescue!

    Here's a quick boredom buster for your wee ones seven and older though some of the younger kids may totally be up to this. They'll...

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  3. Button Paperclips

    Button Paperclips

    These darling paperclips are perfect for adding a cheerful personal touch to papers. Or use them for keeping your place in your current books!

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  4. "Out to Lunch" Books

    Here's a great way to create some unique book ideas this fall that you can make with your kids to get them ready to go...

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  5. A is for Alligator

    A is for Alligator

    Make learning the alphabet fun with this quick and easy "A" shaped Alligator paper craft!

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  6. Name Necklace

    Name Necklace

    As soon as my daughter could write her name she wanted it on everything she owned. So, crafts that she can personalize with her name...

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  7. Aztec Codex

    Aztec Codex

    The Aztecs made stories by carving pictures into bark and leather. Make your codex by drawing a few pictures to tell your own story!

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  8. Robot Alphabet Cruncher

    Robot Alphabet Cruncher

    Learn letters and letter sounds while you feed the robot to keep him happy.

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  9. Handmade Mosaic Coasters Gifts

    Handmade Mosaic Coasters Gifts

    Looking for a heart-felt, homemade, fun craft that your kids will have a blast making? Make mosaic coasters! They make excellent gifts for so many...

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  10. Letter Pasta Art

    Letter Pasta Art

    As my five-year-old is learning to read, I am always looking for interesting ways to incorporate letters into her crafts and play. This one was...

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  11. Stamped Rock Words

    Stamped Rock Words

    These letter rocks are another way to bring literacy into the home in a fun way. This can become a letter game or a way...

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  12. Secret Spy Messages

    Secret Spy Messages

    My oldest son, C, inherited my husband's love for surprises. The two of them could play Hide and Seek for days. They both burst out...

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  13. Watercolor Bookmarks

    Watercolor Bookmarks

    Bookmarks are a great way to make reading fun and also make a wonderful homemade gift for friends.

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  14. Summer Journal

    Summer Journal

    My daughter kept a journal all year in kindergarten this past school year. I loved the idea and thought it was a great way to...

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  15. Fishing for Letters

    Fishing for Letters

    We are having so much fun playing and learning with letters! Today we fished for letters and letter sounds.

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