61 Cool recipes for kids DIY projects

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  1. Ice Cream Sandwich Party Bites

    Ice Cream Sandwich Party Bites

    This was a fun little treat for the kids to make themselves. It came out so festive and pretty!

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  2. Creamy Vanilla Pops

    Creamy Vanilla Pops

    These vanilla pops are healthy, delicious, and easy for your little ones to make!

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  3. Homemade Orange Creamsicles

    Homemade Orange Creamsicles

    My daughter loves the classic summer taste of orange creamsicles, so we decided to try our hand at some homemade ones. My daughter just loves...

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  4. Easter Chick Pretzels

    Easter Chick Pretzels

    Oh, Easter! A time for marshmallow bunnies, Cadbury eggs, chocolate eggs, and my newest favorite treat: candy-coated chicks! To make these easy (and not to mention...

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  5. Chocolate Leaves

    Chocolate Leaves

    When you have a child coming to you at least once a day asking, "Mom, can I have a small handful of those chocolate chips?"...

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  6. Shamrock Tortilla Chips

    Shamrock Tortilla Chips

    These chips were so easy and simple to make and the kids loved them! We love when we can get festive in the kitchen!

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  7. Kids' Salad Snackers

    Kids' Salad Snackers

    These are fun to make and easy to customize for each person. When my children are involved in meal prep they are always more keen...

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  8. Grilled PB and J

    Grilled PB and J

    My kids call this the "best ever lunch!" Maybe that's because it brings together their love of grilled cheese and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches....

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  9. Strawberry Cheesecake Trifle

    Strawberry Cheesecake Trifle

    This gorgeous dessert is both delicious and fun for kids to make. My kids just love to be able to use a butter knife...

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  10. PB and Banana Wrap

    PB and Banana Wrap

    My daughter loves to cook! This is an easy way to make a healthy snack that she can prepare herself. That makes us both happy.

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  11. No Bake Peanut Butter Bites

    No Bake Peanut Butter Bites

    Such a delicious treat--and easy for your little one to make on their own!

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  12. Ranch Dressing Recipe

    Ranch Dressing Recipe

    My children will eat anything if they can dip it into ranch dressing! So I decided to create a healthier alternative that my children can...

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  13. Homemade Fruit Snacks

    Homemade Fruit Snacks

    We love fruit snacks in this house so today we tried our hand at making our own!

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  14. Crunchy Frozen Yogurt Cups

    Crunchy Frozen Yogurt Cups

    A quick, delicious snack that little chefs can prepare on their own!

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  15. Mini Apple Pies

    Mini Apple Pies

    Nothing smells better than warm apple pie coming out of the oven. Your child can make mini apple pies for dessert with this easy recipe!...

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