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  1. Acorn Cap Jewels

    Acorn Cap Jewels

    I love the natural art materials the earth provides this time of year! My four-year-old daughter and I have been having a great time making...

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  2. Cardboard Tube Owls

    Cardboard Tube Owls

    I'm a big fan of using recycled materials for craft projects with kids. It teaches them at a young age to think outside the box...

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  3. Do It Yourself Kid's Kitchen

    Do It Yourself Kid's Kitchen

    Build a kitchen with your child to role-play as a chef!

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  4. Newspaper Sculpture

    Newspaper Sculpture

    We made a mush of paper to sculpt some beautiful hearts. My children had fun getting a little messy and exploring new textures. We decorated...

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  5. Easy Stitch Cards

    Easy Stitch Cards

    These easy to make stitch cards are perfect for keeping little hands busy. They are the perfect way to beat the "I'm bored" blues!...

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  6. Paper Bowls Made of Recycled Paper

    Paper Bowls Made of Recycled Paper

    This recycling project is a lovely way to use that tall stack of already-used paper that the children are done with. Drawn on, ripped,...

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  7. Packing Peanut Bugs

    Packing Peanut Bugs

    My daughter loves making bug crafts. She loves reading bug stories. She even loves keeping bugs in a jar. But if a bug dares to...

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  8. Tile + Markers = Coaster

    Tile + Markers = Coaster

    When we came across some tiles that were at a local home warehouse recycling center, I grabbed a handful with absolutely no idea what to...

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  9. Tin Box Monsters

    Tin Box Monsters

    When my daughter started stashing all her little trinkets, hair clips, and crayons in empty mint boxes, I knew it was a craft in the...

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  10. Shredded Paper Snowman

    Shredded Paper Snowman

    My kids are drawn to the noodle like paper our shredded puts out. Every time we are emptying the basket they want to use the...

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  11. Geometric Print Shirt

    Geometric Print Shirt

    I love homemade t-shirts, especially when they are of my children's art creations. These geometric prints came out so cute that we started making them...

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  12. Work of Art clothing

    Work of Art clothing

    Why not let the kids wear their beautiful paintings by painting right onto white clothing? I loved seeing my daughter paint away on an old...

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  13. Recycled Heart Crayons

    Recycled Heart Crayons

    Valentine's Day is typically overrun with chocolates and heart candies. Since my oldest son is in kindergarten this year, I wanted him to be...

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  14. Salt Shaker Noise Maker

    Salt Shaker Noise Maker

    Music is a shared experience that invites families to come together. Kids love playing, making, and dancing tomusic—and now they can make their own instrument.

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  15. Party Snack Cup

    Party Snack Cup

    It's amazing how happy children are when they have a new fun way to hold a snack. So simple. Love that innocent joy. This party...

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