29 Cool recycling DIY projects

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  1. Juice Box Pirate Ship

    Juice Box Pirate Ship

    Make your own waterproof pirate ship out of a juice box (or milk box)!

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  2. Egg Carton Bunny and Chick

    Egg Carton Bunny and Chick

    Put those egg cartons you have kicking around to good use and create some of these cute little Easter critters!

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  3. Tin Can Wind Chimes

    Tin Can Wind Chimes

    Make the comforting sound of wind chimes in this easy and fun musical craft!

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  4. Salt Container Purse

    Salt Container Purse

    My daughter is in love with her new darling little hand bag and loves to tell people what it is made from! Who knew a...

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  5. Sprinkling Bottle

    Sprinkling Bottle

    Madeleine gets so excited when it's seed planting time...but it's so hard for the little ones to hold up those great big watering cans! ...

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  6. DIY Piggy Bank

    DIY Piggy Bank

    Save or spend? Such a tough question for kids! Get your kids excited to save their money with this DIY piggy bank craft.

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  7. Paper Plate Paddle Ball

    Paper Plate Paddle Ball

    This game takes seconds to put together and creates so much laughter. My kids enjoyed this game for days! It's a definite keeper for rainy...

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  8. Leaf-Shaped Crayons

    Leaf-Shaped Crayons

    We love making new crayons out of old broken pieces. We made heart-shaped crayons last Valentine's Day and got so many compliments. So this fall...

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  9. Bubble Wands

    Bubble Wands

    It's Bubble season! Bubble wands aren't hard to come by, but it's so fun to make your own!

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  10. Pool Noodle Drum Sticks

    Pool Noodle Drum Sticks

    These drum sticks are easy to make, fun to play with and--best of all--not too loud and safe on breakables, including siblings. We've had a...

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  11. Pretty Paper Trinket Bowl

    Pretty Paper Trinket Bowl

    If you're like me you just can not toss out those beautiful scraps of paper. We decided to do something with them on this day....

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  12. Paper Plate Easter Chick

    Paper Plate Easter Chick

    Try your hand at these simple but oh-so-cute paper plate Easter chicks this spring! Keep reading to find out what supplies you'll need and just...

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  13. Bread Tag Charm Necklace

    Bread Tag Charm Necklace

    Like I did at her age, my daughter loves collecting charms. These bread tag charms were so special to make together and to give...

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  14. Paper Tube Snake

    Paper Tube Snake

    Here's a slinky snake made from yarn and paper tubes. Make him long or short, and use any slithery colors and design you can...

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  15. Safari Diorama

    Safari Diorama

    With all the animal toys we have lying around our house, it's a jungle out there! We thought that it'd be fun to transform an...

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