23 Cool rice DIY projects

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  1. Rain Stick

    Rain Stick

    Teach your kids about the importance of rain and the water cycle while they make these colorful, fun-to-make, rain sticks. This is a nice way...

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  2. Neon Rice

    Neon Rice

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  3. Purple and Lavender Scented Sensory Rice

    Purple and Lavender Scented Sensory Rice

    My oldest son loves to play in all kinds of sensory substances. We made colored and scented rice(orange/pumpkin rice) this fall for the first time....

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  4. Dessert Sushi

    Dessert Sushi

    Nothing smells better than that sweet buttery smell of  marshmallow melting with butter on the stove. And they're so much fun to make! Make this...

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  5. Peekaboo Travel Game

    Peekaboo Travel Game

    Create a simple, travel-handy Peekaboo Game which is easy to whip up and keep kids busy while on the road. Let them find the random...

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  6. Faux Floral Fun

    Faux Floral Fun

    Another fun project you can do with your kiddos is decorate vases for their flower shop! Have some faux floral fun!

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  7. Make A Sweet Snack Mix

    Make A Sweet Snack Mix

    Snack happy and full of love, make a birthday, movie night or any kids party inspired snack mix for everyone to enjoy. You can make...

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  8. Mosaic Earth Lid

    Mosaic Earth Lid

    Colored rice is a lot of fun to work with and our earth came out so beautiful with the rice texture. This is a great...

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  9. Spring Sensory Bin

    Spring Sensory Bin

    Using your Kool-Aid dyed rice, create a fun and interactive spring sensory bin. Sensory bins are great for children to develop their...

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  10. Dried Bean Mosaic Art

    Dried Bean Mosaic Art

    My kids love any project that allows them to use glue. Since they also love to color we created a fun project that allowed them...

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  11. Halloween Sensory Bin

    Halloween Sensory Bin

    This festive Halloween sensory bin is a perfect way to explore the themes of Halloween with your little one. Sensory bins allow children to learn...

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  12. Electric Jellyfish

    Electric Jellyfish

    Learn about creating static electricity with this simple project. Explore...

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  13. Summer Fun Watermelon Maracas

    Summer Fun Watermelon Maracas

    My children love to make shakers. We have made them with all kinds of materials and for all kinds of themes. As we begin to...

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  14. Cork Animal

    Cork Animal

    Sculpting, building and creating with new materials is a fun way to be creative and use the wonderful power of imagination. Putting a few new...

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  15. Glue Necklace

    Glue Necklace

    My daughter loves to accessorize, and she loves art...so this craft was perfect for my fashionable, artistic kiddo. It allowed her to make her very...

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