37 Cool rocks DIY projects

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  1. DIY: How To Make Alphabet Rocks

    DIY: How To Make Alphabet Rocks

    What child doesn't love to play with rocks? This is one of the cutest ways to help kids learn the alphabet. It would also be a...

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  2. Making Rock Pets

    Making Rock Pets

    Your kids will love their little pet rocks. The amount of creative thinking to make up these cute, non-shedding companions is amazing!

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  3. Peekaboo Travel Game

    Peekaboo Travel Game

    Create a simple, travel-handy Peekaboo Game which is easy to whip up and keep kids busy while on the road. Let them find the random...

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  4. While away the days of summer.... with an Air Tent!

    While away the days of summer.... with an Air Tent!

    Take a vacation in your backyard, front yard or living room with a nifty hideaway made from two sheets and an electric fan.

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  5. Video: make moon craters!

    Video: make moon craters!

    In this simple experiment, use flour and cocoa to show how moon craters are made! Watch our video to see how it works, then try...

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  6. Mini Box Houses

    Mini Box Houses

    My kids love to play pretend. My daughter especially loves little houses for all of her creatures. This fun little craft lets them design a...

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  7. Rock Snowman

    Rock Snowman

    Create a snowman made out of rocks and decorated with almost anything you can find in your leftover craft supplies.

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  8. Earth Rock

    Earth Rock

    Hot rocks is one of our new favorite activities to do. My friend shared a very peaceful hot rock tutorial video with us and we...

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  9. Spooky Stone Spiders

    Spooky Stone Spiders

    With a short list of supplies and a simple set of instructions, these fun little spiders are sure to be a Halloween crafting hit with the kiddos!

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  10. Pet Rocks

    Pet Rocks

    With a few rocks and a little creativity, your child will have HOURS of fun with their new pet! My son named his new...

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  11. Thanksgiving Jar

    Thanksgiving Jar

    Thanksgiving is a day to give thanks for the harvest and express gratitude. Sounds so easy, but as I am running through the aisles of...

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  12. Fairy Gardens

    Fairy Gardens

    Every child loves fairies! So why not make a garden for them to come and visit? This craft is so fun and entertaining for kids...

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  13. Rock Ghost

    Rock Ghost

    We seem to collect rocks daily around this house and always are meaning to do something fun with them. Lately, I have seen the rock...

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  14. Patriotic Rocks

    Patriotic Rocks

    I am in love with these festive rocks the kids and I worked on to decorate for Memorial Day and July 4th. I love the...

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  15. Rocks to Gems

    Rocks to Gems

    My children have been into pirates lately and seem to always be discovering treasures. Since we have more rock collections in this house than we...

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