16 Cool rubber band DIY projects

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  1. Spider Launcher

    Spider Launcher

    At KiwiCo, we love launchers because they're a super fun way to play with...

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  2. Toilet Paper Roll Kazoo

    Toilet Paper Roll Kazoo

    We have been into making music for the past few weeks at our house so we decided to add to our growing collection of instruments...

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  3. Confetti Launcher

    Confetti Launcher

    There simply is no better way to ring in a new year or celebrate a holiday or a...

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  4. Dancing Salt

    Dancing Salt

    Discover how music creates vibrations you can see using salt...

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  5. Rubber Band Helicopter

    Rubber Band Helicopter

    Learn about helicopters by making a rubber band powered flying toy! 

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  6. Bow and Arrow

    Bow and Arrow

    Summer's around the corner and this is a great project for outdoor play and experimentation. We had so much fun...

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  7. Dipped Candles

    Dipped Candles

    Learn the ancient art of candle making! 

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  8. Light-up Heart Flower

    Light-up Heart Flower

    Repurpose those pencils without erasers to create a light-up flower pencil! 

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  9. Tick-Tock Timer

    Tick-Tock Timer

    When you twist up this timer and let it go, the rubber band starts to unwind and swing a...

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  10. Kaleidoscope Symmetry

    Kaleidoscope Symmetry

     A kaleidoscope is a toy that uses light and mirrors to make pretty patterns with symmetrical designs. Symmetry is when two or more parts of...

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  11. The Great Chase

    The Great Chase

    Whether you pretend that a mouse is going after a block of cheese or you’re chasing after your siblings, this fun...

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  12. Make a Square Egg

    Make a Square Egg

    Is a square egg possible? Not in nature - but you can re-shape a hard boiled egg in just...

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  13. Tipping Egg Toy

    Tipping Egg Toy

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  14. Bottle Thermometer

    Bottle Thermometer

    Track how the sun changes the temperature in a room with a homemade thermometer. 

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  15. Paper Airplane Launcher

    Paper Airplane Launcher

    Take your paper airplanes to new heights by making a...

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