45 Cool ruler DIY projects

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  1. Football Field: Skip Count By 10s

    Football Field: Skip Count By 10s

    Are you ready for some football? Skip-counting football, that is. Lets use those 10, 20, 30, 40, and 50 yard lines to learn...

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  2. Fingerprint Hearts

    Fingerprint Hearts

    Break out the ink pad to make fingerprint hearts for an easy and fun way for your child to create valentines for the people they...

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  3. How to Make Mini Teepees/Tipi

    How to Make Mini Teepees/Tipi

    Here's a great craft for your children to create and learn about  Indian villages. They'll love making them while working on their fine motor skills....

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  4. Recycled Napkin Rings

    Recycled Napkin Rings

    Who wouldn't love sitting down to polk-a-dots, monsters, princesses, and a rainbow of colors/ Your kid would have a great time making this very...

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  5. Fun Fractions for Kids!

    Fun Fractions for Kids!

    Sweeten a mathematics lesson about fractions with candy while creating some visual stimulation. This craft will also tune fine motor skills and is artistic to...

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  6. Rainbow Jellyfish Craft

    Rainbow Jellyfish Craft

    Need a fun project for a lazy afternoon? These adorable jellyfish are full of vibrant colors and very easy to make. Pipe cleaners, googly eyes ...

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  7. Dinosaurs Were HOW Big?!

    Dinosaurs Were HOW Big?!

    You'll never believe how big dinosaurs were. Get your measuring tape and find out for yourself!

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  8. Craft Stick Puzzles

    Craft Stick Puzzles

    Kids can create their very own personalized puzzle to solve again and again. Choose a favorite photo, greeting card or patterned paper and get started!

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  9. Pom-Pom Bookmark

    Pom-Pom Bookmark

    Here's a great project for little readers! Kids can create a fun, fluffy bookmark...and then find a great book.

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  10. Mosaic Art

    Mosaic Art

    This mosaic art is perfect for simple drawn objects. Make them ready for hanging on the wall, or arrange your art on a handmade card...

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  11. Stained Glass Paper Kite

    Stained Glass Paper Kite

    What better way to celebrate spring than to go outside and fly a kite? Try making your own paper...

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  12. Kirigami Gift Box

    Kirigami Gift Box

    We loved the idea of creating a unique gift box to stand out from all the generic store bought boxes. This year,...

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  13. Paper Pumpkin Math

    Paper Pumpkin Math

    Want to add some math practice to the Halloween season? My son and I made this in just a few minutes, and then he was...

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  14. Face Swap Illusion

    Face Swap Illusion

    Can your eyes trick you? See for yourself with this experiment that will leave you questioning what you’re seeing! 

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