27 Cool sand DIY projects

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  1. Ancient Animal Painting

    Ancient Animal Painting

    You don't have to have the ability to draw a perfect picture for these fine examples... simple shapes make fantastic art!

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  2. Fun in a Mobile Mud Pit!

    Fun in a Mobile Mud Pit!

    Create all day fun for your kids with a mobile mud pit!

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  3. Sandy Play Dough

    Sandy Play Dough

    If it's too dreary or cold to play outside in the sandbox, bring the sandbox inside (but with a lot less mess)! This play dough...

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  4. Texture Tots!

    Texture Tots!

    Such great texture! Theae paintings are great. A wonderful idea to create a different type of painting experience for your kiddos!

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  5. Recycle Craft: CD Coasters

    Recycle Craft: CD Coasters

    Looking for a fun and easy craft to do with your child? These recycled coaster are bright, colorful, and would also make the perfect gift...

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  6. How to Make Sand Candles

    How to Make Sand Candles

    A great summer project to try with your kids. These candles could be perfect gifts as well as making your home more beautiful with thoughtful,...

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  7. Sand Dough Art

    Sand Dough Art

    Read a book with your little ones about sand and then play games about sand and water! Then, go outside to get messy! Make sand...

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  8. Dino Egg

    Dino Egg

    Make your own dinosaur eggs to hatch!

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  9. Craft Stick Frankenstein and Bride

    Craft Stick Frankenstein and Bride

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  10.  Craft Stick Beach Plaque

    Craft Stick Beach Plaque

    This is a fun projects for kids and adults to do together. It's easy to make and the variations are many. A fun decoration for...

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  11. Mini-Bots


    This is a challenging project, but a great introduction to simple circuits. And how fun is it to make something that actually moves and lights...

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  12. Recycled CD Glitter Snowman

    Recycled CD Glitter Snowman

    It wouldn't be Christmas without a lot of glitter and plenty of snowmen. You can make snowman crafts from so many different things. How can...

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  13. Starfish Friend

    Starfish Friend

    Who doesn't love a starfish? We made this adorable little guy with clay and colored sand. I never knew colored sand would be so exciting...

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  14. Sandpaper Leaves

    Sandpaper Leaves

    Did you know you probably have art supplies sitting in your toolbox? Sandpaper isn't just for woodworking--it's a fun drawing surface too! My daughters...

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  15. Sandpaper Sand Castle

    Sandpaper Sand Castle

    My kids discovered sand paper and were intrigued. We had to find a use for it and a sand castle was perfect!

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