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  1. Cookie Cutter Tracing

    Cookie Cutter Tracing

    Are you looking for a quick little project to occupy the kids while you make dinner, take a shower, or enjoy three uninterrupted minutes of...

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  2. Craft Stick Puzzle

    Craft Stick Puzzle

    Ah, the craft stick--that most ubiquitous of art supplies! Craft sticks have fortified countless cabins, propped up innumerable paper puppets, and provided the framework for frames...

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  3. Markers + Poster Board = Morning Routine Chart

    Markers + Poster Board = Morning Routine Chart

    Mornings are the hardest part of the day for us...specially now that we have a kindergartener! It's intense and we needed some guidance. Together my...

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  4. "Fix That Doodle!" Game

    Waiting for food to arrive is torture for my kids. When we eat out, the kids usually finish the activities on the kids' menu in...

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  5. Lego Puzzle Cards

    Lego Puzzle Cards

    For my six-year-old, the best toy is a brand-new LEGO set to build. He loves to carefully follow the instructions, which is why I was...

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  6. Breakfast Burritos

    Breakfast Burritos

    Mornings always feel a bit crazy, and I am forever looking for ways to simplify and speed up our morning routine. With my two boys,...

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  7. "Draw Your Day" Printable Placemats

    Does everyone else deal with the "dinnertime sprint"? No matter how the day has gone--whether I've been at work all day and roll in...

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  8. Felt Play Mat

    Felt Play Mat

    What better way to let the kids get creative than to let them design their own towns? The sky is the limit to what they...

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  9. Car Window Sticker Scene

    Car Window Sticker Scene

    Have you ever ended a road trip and you wonder how your car became a sticker book? I have. So this time I was prepared....

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  10. Scavenger Hunt Make & Find

    Scavenger Hunt Make & Find

    Most of our posts here are about ways to engage WITH your child in a creative challenge. But sometimes, you just need an activity...

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  11. Personal Travel Snack Boxes

    Personal Travel Snack Boxes

    When my two boys were young, I flew back east quite often with them. For the first few trips, they would cry and yell over...

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