11 Cool school glue DIY projects

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  1. Creative Cars

    Creative Cars

    This is a great project for moms with a couple kids. If you have a bunch then you're nominated for saint-hood! There is a lot...

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  2. Sand Slime

    Sand Slime

    Our family spent a day at the beach this past weekend and my kids had a...

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  3. String Art Star Garland

    String Art Star Garland

    With the holiday weekend around the corner, we decided to create a set of patriotic star shapes to create a festive garland....

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  4. Glitter Slime Monsters

    Glitter Slime Monsters

    Who doesn't love a good blob of slime? My kids and I were excited when we realized we could use clear glue...

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  5. Monster Automaton

    Monster Automaton

    My son...

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  6. Citrus Tree Counting Cards

    Citrus Tree Counting Cards

    Create some beautiful counting cards with your toddler or preschooler to practice counting, then display the cards on the wall so they can continue to...

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  7. Toy Story 4 Ferris Wheel Desk Organizer

    Toy Story 4 Ferris Wheel Desk Organizer

    Make your workspace both more tidy and more fun with this Toy Story 4 Ferris Wheel Desk Organizer! With simple materials, build a Ferris wheel,...

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  8. "This is Me" Card

    This is a great way for children to introduce themselves to a new teacher or babysitter. Little projects like this always seem to calm my...

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  9. Brown Paper Bag Owl Puppet

    Brown Paper Bag Owl Puppet

    Owls are all the craze these days, so my daughter thought it would be fun to create owl puppets using brown paper bags. This is...

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  10. Counting Caterpillars

    Counting Caterpillars

    Practice counting while you make these fun pom pom caterpillars.

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  11. Paper Chain Countdown

    Paper Chain Countdown

    Looking forward to a special day (the first day of school, a birthday, etc.)? Kick off the countdown by creating a paper chain featuring an...

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