17 Cool secret agent DIY projects

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  1. Let's Build a Flashlight

    Let's Build a Flashlight

    This little boredom buster is quick and easy to set up using just a flashlight from the dollar store! It's perfect for older kids who...

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  2. Hidden Message

    Hidden Message

    Sometimes my daughter and I like to pretend we are secret agents. So, I decided to made a hidden message for her to reveal!

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  3.  Egg Carton Spy Glasses

    Egg Carton Spy Glasses

    When children are young their minds are full of wonder. Children are especially rambunctious and ready to investigate every nook and cranny. Feed off that...

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  4. Telescope Spotting Game

    Telescope Spotting Game

    Using a homemade telescope, kids play a fun game that hones their artistic imaginative and memory skills. This game can be played with friends and...

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  5. Crayons & Watercolor

    Crayons & Watercolor

    Who can resist wax resist? With just crayons and watercolors, you can explore color mixing, find hidden surprises, and learn about wax resisting water.

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  6. Secret Spy Messages

    Secret Spy Messages

    My oldest son, C, inherited my husband's love for surprises. The two of them could play Hide and Seek for days. They both burst out...

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  7. Mosaic Mask

    Mosaic Mask

    Sometimes we need a step-by-step, and sometimes we don't. I loved this one. I just said "Mosaic African Mask," and Madeleine was off and...

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  8. Super Detectives to the Rescue!

    Super Detectives to the Rescue!

    Lost the t.v. remote? A library book? Your car keys? No problem—the Super Detectives are on the job! Armed with their super-powerful magnifying glasses and...

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  9. Decoding Backwards Secret Messages

    Decoding Backwards Secret Messages

    It's super secret agent time. Have your child use a mirror to decode these backwards messages.

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  10. Fingerprint Flowers

    Fingerprint Flowers

    It's so easy to make flowery art with fingerprints, and there's no reason to limit these pretty flowers to paper. Make a pretty gardening...

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  11. Fingerprint Clovers

    Fingerprint Clovers

    A quick & fun little activity to turn your little one's fingerprints into little clovers to celebrate St. Patrick's Day.

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  12. Be a Play Dough Detective

    Be a Play Dough Detective

    What left that footprint? Solve the mystery to find out and become a play dough detective.

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  13. Invisible Ink

    Invisible Ink

    My kids love secrets and the idea of being super sleuths, so naturally they were thrilled to draw secret messages using invisible ink. This...

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  14. Fingerprint Kit

    Fingerprint Kit

    Here's a fun one for children who love details and like to investigate! Grab a small cloth bag, and make your own fingerprint kit out of...

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  15. Private Eye

    Private Eye

    This activity is part of an interdisciplinary curriculum called The Private Eye, which encourages students to closely analyze an object using a magnifying lens and...

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