9 Cool socks DIY projects

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  1. Sundress and Swimsuit for Dolls

    Sundress and Swimsuit for Dolls

    We used outgrown little socks for this darling project. They make perfect swimsuits and dresses for dolls!

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  2. Grass Heads

    Grass Heads

    Make little creatures out of socks or burlap... just add soil and grass seed, and you have fine little friends.

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  3. No-Slip Socks

    No-Slip Socks

    What's better than slipping into a fresh pair of socks? Wearing socks that were made with love! These no-slip socks are a perfect gift for...

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  4. Sock Puppets

    Sock Puppets

    Sometimes you need a simple project that will keep the kids entertained on a rainy day. For those days, there is nothing better than the...

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  5. Sock Caterpillar

    Sock Caterpillar

    We made this fun caterpillar using an old sock. It was such a hit with my daughter (she gave it a name, a home, a...

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  6. Crazy Bird Puppets

    Crazy Bird Puppets

    These crazy bird puppets are outrageous and silly...and the more you use your imagination, the more personality your puppet will have!

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  7. Glowing Snowman Luminary

    Glowing Snowman Luminary

    Since the weather's turned cold and winter is upon us, I've been thinking about winter-inspired DIYs. I've been wanting to come up...

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  8. Fingerless Gloves

    Fingerless Gloves

    There’s nothing better than easy quick-sew DIY projects. I had been searching for the perfect pair of fingerless gloves, but when I...

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  9. Sock Snowmen

    Sock Snowmen

    The cuddly little friends are a huge hit in our house! This year, we made them using all of our mismatched socks and it...

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