24 Cool sponge DIY projects

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  1. Butterfly Life Cycle Puppets

    Butterfly Life Cycle Puppets

    Put on a puppet show with your little ones once they make these fun and simple puppets! You can all make up your...

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  2. Halloween Treat Cups

    Halloween Treat Cups

    Halloween parties are always fun for kids, and these days there are so many crafty ways to celebrate! These Halloween cups take the cake (or...

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  3. Polka Dot T-Shirt

    Polka Dot T-Shirt

    My daughter is getting hands on with her back to school wardrobe and it's getting her very excited for that first day of school to...

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  4. A little textured fun... with glue!

    A little textured fun... with glue!

    Hand your kidlets a bottle of glue and let them have a go at it. Draw pictures or swirly designs, it is totally up to...

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  5. Stamped Jeans

    Stamped Jeans

    We are in full back to school prep over here! Re-purposing clothing that still fits is a fun way to get ready. My daughter was...

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  6. Olympic Flame Painting

    Olympic Flame Painting

    When the Olympics come around, it is wonderful to make your own pretend torch so that you can march with it during the opening ceremonies...

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  7. Fancy Leggings

    Fancy Leggings

    It's easy to take a pair of plain leggings or a t-shirt up a notch with a little fabric paint and a cool stencil. My...

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  8. Rainbow Painting

    Rainbow Painting

    What child does not love to paint a rainbow? This is a new twist on a rainbow painting and was a lot of fun for...

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  9. Face Paint Pretend Play

    Face Paint Pretend Play

    My daughter loves face paint and would rather be on the painting side of things. We came up with a way to make her shine:...

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  10. Shaving Cream

    Shaving Cream "Snow" Paint

    I whipped up this simple, homemade puffy paint and told the kids we were going to make our own creations with "snow."

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  11. Pressed Flower Vases

    Pressed Flower Vases

    We have been collecting and pressing flowers so we decided to use them to make a pretty flower vase!

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  12. Mess-Free Egg Decorating

    Mess-Free Egg Decorating

    Avoid the splashy mess of egg dyeing and try these mess-free decorating techniques to create colorful Easter eggs.

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  13. Grass Seed + Sponge

    Grass Seed + Sponge

    This simple way of growing a garden with your kids is perfect homes with limited outdoor space. All you need is a handful of grass...

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  14. Moiré Patterns

    Moiré Patterns

    Have you ever looked through an electric fan and seen a shimmering pattern of light and dark areas around...

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  15. Spring Birds with Watercolor Crayons

    Spring Birds with Watercolor Crayons

    Use water color crayons to create colorful birds.

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