13 Cool sponges DIY projects

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  1. Sponge Painted Leaves

    Sponge Painted Leaves

    Welcome Fall with these easy to make, fun, crafts! Your kids can show off their artistic abilities and have a great time doing it!

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  2. Sponge Blocks

    Sponge Blocks

    Looking for a little activity to keep the kids entertained, but also quiet? This little activity for the kids is so simple and your child...

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  3. Sponge Water Bombs

    Sponge Water Bombs

    This is one of the easiest crafts you can make with your kids! It requires so little prep time and they will have a blast...

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  4. Sponge Flowers

    Sponge Flowers

    Inspired by Yves Klein was a famous modern artist that will give your child a heighten sense of art appreciation by creating flowers out of...

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  5. Tin foil festive...

    Tin foil festive...

    This simple and slightly gooey activity has such eye pleasing results why not do it over and over and over again? Have fun!

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  6. Sponge Painted Fall Leaves

    Sponge Painted Fall Leaves

    Bring the crunch and color of fall leaves indoors as your child sponge-paints away!

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  7. Christmas Sponge Stamp Blocks

    Christmas Sponge Stamp Blocks

    The beauty of simple household sponges cut into Christmas shapes, makes this a fun simple stamping craft to celebrate the holidays.

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  8. Sponge Bullseye

    Sponge Bullseye

    This activity is a great way to beat the heat of Summer. With just a few cheap materials, my kids were entertained all morning...

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  9. DIY Sponge Blocks and Fun Ways to Use Them

    DIY Sponge Blocks and Fun Ways to Use Them

    There are so many ways to play, create, and learn with these simple DIY sponge blocks!

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  10. The Very Hungry Caterpillar Puzzle

    The Very Hungry Caterpillar Puzzle

    Create an adorable Very Hungry Caterpillar Puzzle that your child will play with over and over again!

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  11. DIY

    DIY "Glitter": Fall Leaves Collage

    Fall is a great time to incorporate nature into your craft projects. My kids love hunting for materials outside in the leaves and acorns...

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  12. Shaving Cream Bakery

    Shaving Cream Bakery

    I keep shaving cream on hand all the time. When my kids are restless and need some fun added to their day, I pull out...

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  13. Glove Puppets: Three Little Pigs

    Glove Puppets: Three Little Pigs

    My daughter transformed an old glove into sweet little finger puppets--which we've now used for many fun afternoons of storytelling!

    We chose the Three Little...

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