15 Cool sports DIY projects

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  1. Bulls-Eye Bowling

    Bulls-Eye Bowling

    We had some rainy days lately and discovered that masking tape is great for indoor games! Try this no-mess indoor one.

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  2. Paper Plate Flyers

    Paper Plate Flyers

    Make a simple paper plate flyer. Just toss it like a frisbee, and see how far it flies!

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  3. Personalized Softball for Dad

    Personalized Softball for Dad

    My children love when they can use markers on a new type of art canvas. On this day we found these great softballs at a...

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  4. Stick Quoits

    Stick Quoits

    Quoits is a fun gameI This version uses ingredients you can find outside. Make and play it at the lake, in the woods...and certainly in...

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  5. Golf Race Game

    Golf Race Game

    Who's ready for a race? Race to the hole with this Golf Race Game. Practice counting and taking turns along the way!

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  6. Hole Punch and

    Hole Punch and "Ticket"

    My son is obsessed with trains. B's favorite books are about trains, his favorite shirt has a train on it, he plays with his...

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  7. Fabric Wreath

    Fabric Wreath

    Create a fabric wreath to celebrate anything from a holiday to your favorite sports team!

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  8. Alphabet Ball Game

    Alphabet Ball Game

    I confess: I have a bad habit. I fall in love with early literacy activities on Pinterest, pin them to my boards, add them...

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  9. Sight Word Drag Racing

    Sight Word Drag Racing

    There are few toys my boys love more than their Matchbox cars. As I watched them eagerly race two cars at a time down their...

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  10. Sidewalk Chalk Mental Math Game

    Sidewalk Chalk Mental Math Game

    You could practice adding 10's and 100's to numbers while you sit at your desk. But why do that when you can ride your scooter...

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  11. Salt Painting: Olympic Flags

    Salt Painting: Olympic Flags

    Inspired by the colorful flags of the Olympic opening ceremony, some pals (ages 3, 5, and 7) and I designed our own flags using a...

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  12. Juicy Gel Bubbles

    Juicy Gel Bubbles


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  13. Indoor Skip-Count Hopscotch

    Indoor Skip-Count Hopscotch

    Skip-counting is a great way to learn multiplication tables. We love using whole body learning to accomplish these tasks. Our hopscotch board allows us to...

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  14. Ice Boat Race

    Ice Boat Race

    Ever dream of being the captain of your own boat? Well, this fun and easy craft gives you and our child the freedom to imagine...

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  15. Football Field: Skip Count By 10s

    Football Field: Skip Count By 10s

    Are you ready for some football? Skip-counting football, that is. Lets use those 10, 20, 30, 40, and 50 yard lines to learn...

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